You Don’t Have Right To Declare State Of Emergency In South East, Go And Fight Boko Haram – Ohanez

charles nwoke

By | Charles Nwoke

Nigeria Correspondent, Republic Underground

The following is a work of commentary by our Nigeria Correspondent. The image enclosed was obtained by Mr. Nwoke from local Nigerian news services and is shared here under fair use rights.

The elite sociocultural Igbo group, Ohaneze ndi-igbo, has blasted the Army chief Turkur Buratai over his threat to shut down the entire five east States with a state of emergency, due to recent clashes between IPOB members and members of the Nigerian Army.

Last month, the members State Security Service went on a mission to arrest IPOB members who were having a peaceful meeting in Enugu. During the saca, two SSS members were killed with numerous IPOB members injured and arrested.

The chief of Army staff, warned after the incident that there has been several attacks on the military officers in Enugu and other South East States. The Chief of Army allegedly threatened to declare state of emergency in all the five south east States if the southeast governors fail to stop the attacks on the military men.

This threat has generated many reactions from Ohaneze ndi-igbo worldwide. In a statement signed by the organization’s publicity secretary Uche Achi-Okpagha, the group asked Turkur Buratai the following questions;

What have you done to Boko Haram members killing military officers in thousands in Borno your home state?. Have you tried to declare state of emergency in the North East?

Go And Fight Boko Haram and leave south east alone. We are peaceful and don’t take human life.

Who gave you the power to declare State of emergency in the Nigeria?

But to think of it, does Buratai have the right to declare a state of emergency?

What is the constitutional requirement for the declaration of a state of emergency in Nigeria?