Wooden Trojan Horse: When Trick Breeds

by Ahmed Elahgal

Mr. Elahgal a member of the political
work team of Dr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, and media adviser.

It is inevitable to start with the story of the Trojan horse, which was transmitted memory generation after generation, to reflect on its deep meanings and connotations, according to the Greek-Greek literature known as the Iliad, where he inaugurated the wooden horse for a new political era full of deception, deception and conspiracy …

It was not the first of its kind in the history spanning history, but it is the strangest thing in terms of facts and weaving the threads of the plot, all in order to defeat the enemy overwhelming defeat from within it to eliminate it.

This story will continue to be the witness who is unable to speak with the language of categorical designation about the limitless ceiling of deception and conspiracies without arbitrarily interpreting the text narrating his chapters in the Iliad on the war that flared up in the ancient city of Troy near the Strait of Dardanelles.

Troy, located in western Turkey, was the archenemy of Greece, as well as being the strongest commercial rival – the city of Troy was under the emirate of Prince Hector and Prince Pars, where the latter was an original cause of the outbreak of war between the Trojans and the Greek Greeks ..

When Parsotel, the Greek capital of Sparta, was caught off guard, Pars instructed his guards to kidnap Princess Helen, wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta, and the master of the Greeks, brother of Agamemnon Atrius, all of this happened without the guards of the Greeks being evil from their guest, Pars, who fled the princess to Troy and ordered the closure of doors and entrances Where the parcels barricaded with their strong walls …

In an expected reaction, the Greeks prepared an army with full tools and equipment to pounce on the city, destroy it on the heads of the Trojans, and rid the kidnapped princess Helen.

A fierce war took place between the Trojans and the Greeks that almost ten years did not enter the army of Agamemnon, the brother of the King of the Greeks from the defeat of Pars, so the thinking of the Greeks ended in the management of a hoax they had never before before after they were despaired by the despair of the ineffectiveness of the military solution, so they studied the habits of the people Trojans and their traditions, so they concluded that they love horses to the point of their reverence, so the Greeks made a huge wooden horse to accommodate ten powerful soldiers from the Greeks.

The Greeks allowed to monitor the situation from afar, the Trojans began to shower with victory, drink wine, and dance, thinking that God was represented in the form of a big horse, so he spared them the evil of the invaders.

The night came and the Greek soldiers left the horse and opened the doors to Agamemnon and his army, so they were able to rid Princess Helen, the Greeks thickened the killing of the Trojans, and set fire to various parts of the city and arrested some of its inhabitants as prisoners …

All this was achieved by the unique trick of that era, which was recorded by the Greek heritage of humanity to remain a historical lesson that nations and peoples in different ages cite to demonstrate deception and conspiracy ..

This story has more than an indication in our contemporary history, here they are the enemies of the Turkish Arab nation and others renew the gown of their entry to our men under new names and arguments So where are we from the horse of the Arab revolutions that came on the green and dry lands in some countries, ruining their social fabric, destroying their economy and making them a hotbed of escapism and extremism, as is the case in Libya today ..

Is it not time to wake up from this negligence and address what can be remedied and remedied before it is too late? Some people have deceived slogans loaded with good and prosperity, and in them there is devastation and destruction. The Libyan case calls for finding the collective mind capable of gathering the general national will, and to blame The national self, and healing the wounds of the nation away from the language of transcendence and disregard in order to cut off the forces hostile to peace and stability, so we are all struck with one stick

Healing the free and sincere national will because it is capable of breaking the complex psychological and political equations in order to triumph for ourselves and humanity …

The Libyan society lives in a moment of political ebb and flow, its artificial waves and its external influences, amid an international struggle over interests and influence. Our country has become a theater of feverish conflict between Russia and France, the Emirates on the one hand, and Turkey and Qatar and their successors on the other hand and their implemented tools …

In light of the foregoing, we should think about ways to get out of the bottleneck in which we forcibly spread to reach the best and most effective solutions for bloodshed, and this will only be achieved by raising the level of public awareness of the community, to meet future challenges and destiny by presenting a national community project that gives reassurance to all It is not a project of a class, tribe, or entity, but rather a project that expands to include the country with all its social components.

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