Women’s Roundtable, Hadiqa Bashir-Pakistani, Saturday at 12pm

Editorial | Republic Underground

March 19, 2021 

Saturday, March 20, 2021, Republic Underground news will host the ” Roundtable Women’s Month” Hadiqa Bashir-Pakistani Human Rights Activist Against Forced Marriages.” The event will be at 12 pm New York Time, 21:00 Pakistan. 

Irina Tsukerman will moderate a discussion with human rights activist Hadiqa Bashir-Pakistani. Bashir is a young activist against forced and child forced marriages in Pakistan. As seen in The Jerusalem Post,  in an article written by Arshad Mehmood originally published via Media Line, Bashir works in the Swat Valley which was recently a Taliban stronghold. Nearing her twenties now, Bashir has advocated against child marriages for the last eight years. She stated that she was inspired to act as an activist when a friend of hers was forced to marry at a young age. Abuse sustained from her husband cause Bashir’s friend to become mentally ill. Bashir became an advocate against child marriages at just 12-years-old.