War in Israel enters its second week, updates

Screencapture of Hamas leadership speaking on live broadcast. 

War in Israel enters its second week

By Rachel Brooks

May 18, 2021 

War in Israel, which was prompted by Arab unrest within the country, including the eviction of 6 tenants who failed to pay rent on the property in Sheikh Jarrah, and a riot at the Al Aqsa mosque, enters its second week. The Jerusalem Post reported on May 18 statements made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz. Gantz and Netanyahu have alerted the public that Israel will pursue a continued response campaign as per the tactics of Operation Guardian of the Walls. 

The Israeli strategy is to create a long-term deterrence for Hamas’ motivation to attack. 

“The IDF’s military campaign will continue to the end of achieving long-term quiet,” said Gantz, as he was quoted by The Jerusalem Post. 

 Since hostilities began, a record number of rockets have been fired into Israel, causing 70 percent of the nation’s citizens to flee to bomb shelters. Civilian casualties have been high on both sides. Reports accuse Hamas of using civilians as human shields which compiles a layer of difficulty to the Israel Defense Forces’ response to the Hamas incursion. In addition to the exchange of hostilities from the Israel and Hamas forces, Jewish and Arab citizens have engaged in riot-related acts of violence, which have resulted in casualties. 

Today in Israel-Gaza war news 

The Israel Defense Forces continued to update the status of the war front on May 18. Israel reopened the Erez Crossing from Israel into Gaza to send humanitarian aid to Gazan civilians. Israel reports that its humanitarian aid mission was met with a mortar shell at the crossing from Gaza. 

“Just after Israel reopened the Erez Crossing from Israel into Gaza to allow the entry of civilian aid, a mortar shell was fired at the crossing from Gaza, lightly injuring an IDF soldier. Hamas prioritizes attacks on Israel over humanitarian aid for Gazans,” wrote the IDF on May 18.

Israel likewise reported striking an Islamic terror squad that was preparing to launch rockets at Israel and were intercepted. The squad was struck by aircraft. Israel reports intercepting nine underground and above-ground rocket launch sites in Gaza since 8 am on May 18. 

Earlier on the morning of May 18, Israel reported a blitz attack in Hebron that the IDF forces intercepted. 

“An assailant armed with an IED, an improvised “Carlo” submachine gun, and a knife arrived in Hebron, and attempted a combined attack on IDF soldiers. Our soldiers spotted the assailant, responded with fire and neutralized him,” wrote the IDF from the forces’ official Twitter account. 

Hamas continued to maintain its stance. Speaking from Memri TV, Hamas leadership declared that it was ready to continue its onslaught with rockets, suicide attackers, IEDs, and so on. The Hamas incursion announced that it was prepared to blitz attack civilian transportation including buses. 

In addition to promises of a continued incursion with modern weapons, Hamas leaders called on citizen rioters to rise and blitz attack Israeli citizens with knives, stating via Memri TV and other live broadcasts that the citizens should cut the artery near the back of the head.