War Fleets Parade, Russia Fires Warning Blasts

Coast of Crimea, The Black Sea. 

By Rachel Brooks

June 29, 2021 

Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean, roll! Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain,” Lord Byron, The Ocean. 

Warships must in Russian waters outside of Crimea. A scandal of classified UK Ministry of Defense documents left behind in Kent signals fear. The U.S. 6th Fleet sends its ship out to meet the circling fleets of war games. Ukraine’s general notes that Russians “only understand strength.” These demonstrations are the right way to go, he argues. 

Russia fires “warning shots” at intruder ships. The HMS Defender crossed into Russia’s waters near Cape Fiolent, Crimea, writes RIA Novosti News. 

A bitter oversight added scandal to a NATO warship demonstration in the Black Sea. Ukraine had allowed a NATO ally fleet to demonstrate off the coast of Crimea. This week, the BBC reports that “an anonymous member of the public” discovered classified Ministry of Defense documents at a bus stop in Kent, United Kingdom. 

These documents were roughly 50 pages long. The documents were in “a sodden mess” behind the bus stop. The documents reveal that the United Kingdom’s fleet was prepared to meet the Russian response to HMS Defender.  

The anonymous document finder shared the documents with the BBC when they realized how sensitive they were. BBC analysis scanned through PowerPoint printouts and emails. From this, they concluded that the documents came from a high-level MoD official’s desk. 


The documents discussed interactions with the Russian military. Personnel warned that interactions with Russian forces may become “more assertive” if the vessel sailed near Crimea. 


Since this happened, socialist press services have generated war propaganda. These news outlets suggest that the BBC’s report kept Britain from launching some “covert attack” on Russia. Posts such as this highlight growing political tensions between Russia and the west. 

Russia reports firing on the British vessel because it “ignored” a warning against intrusion. The U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not confirm whether he had cleared the HMS Defender’s voyage. He said that the vessel was “making a point” by sailing through Crimea’s waters, reported The Navy Times. 

Ria.ru quotes the Russian Foreign Minister saying that the British vessel’s path was a “provocation” of Russia. 

The United States proceeds with warship demonstrations despite the drama with its NATO ally counterparts.

The Navy Times reported on June 28 that the U.S. sent its own ships to the Black Sea, as part of the NATO demonstration event it is co-hosting with Ukraine. The U.S. 6th Fleet conducted its annual Sea Breeze exercise after warnings from Russia that it would “fire on intruders.” 

The demonstrations are scheduled to continue until July 10. 

Against the strain of these war games, Turkey finds oil in the Black Sea. The nation plans to go ahead with drilling, writes Daily Sabah. 

The drama of fleets rolls on in the Black Sea. Meanwhile, Turkey has discovered “540 billion cubic meters” of natural gas in the Black Sea. The natural reserve is reportedly the largest find in the vicinity. It was located near Sakarya field. Turkey reported the find in early June, writes World Oil. 

Turkey plans to start production by 2023, Erdogan announced. Ahead of this, the pro-government outlet Daily Sabah notes that Turkey will carry out exploratory drills this year. 

Ankara says sharing data is “out of the question.” This came after reports that Turkey had shared data with U.S. oil giants Chevron and Exxon Mobil. 

The Azerbaijani state oil entity SOCAR has expressed interest in collaborating with Turkey’s TPAO in the Black Sea. 

Despite the eagerness to proceed, Ankara states that it has not shared data with foreign companies about the oil field. 

Turkey is an ally of NATO. The Turkish production presence in the Black Sea comes at the same time that Russia and NATO have seen some tensions.

Due to Turkey’s cycle of rivalry with Russia, Black Sea drilling could add to political tensions. Are you an expert on Turkish-Russian relations?  Share your knowledge with us at Submissions. 

These political tensions remain at an all-time high following American President Joe Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Wall Street Journal reports that the meeting left Biden’s counterparts in Europe “divided” over how to approach Russia. Other critics question whether Biden is prepared for renewed Cold War-like conflict with Russia as geopolitical tensions rise.