Voices For Peace paves roads of communication pre Ghanaian elections

Courtesy of Confluent Media

By | Rachel Brooks
December 5, 2020

Picture above courtesy of Confluent Media, the host of the event.

Voices For Peace conference was held on November 26 at the Golden Tulip in Kumasi, Ghana. Since then, the conference has generated a buzz in the local media. The event was hosted by Confluent Media and IoTeedom. Republic Underground presented as well, with vice president Irina Tsukerman among those in attendance of the progressive event, which promoted the advocacy for needs-meeting, smart cities, and reducing the stressors of social escalation in West Africa.

The event was in line with a survey conducted in the region of Accra and Kumasi that took a sample of 1,100 respondents to gauge what they believed would be the markers of social peace. IoTeedom’s initial research findings were as follows:

Markers of social stress, based on response to survey. 

Increased anti-social behavior in the community  

Demonstrated an increased need for security and surveillance

Demonstrated an increased need for youth participation through support tools, education, public services, and community programs

Demonstrated an increased call to action to develop more educational programs and tools around personal safety and safety concerns within the community

Demonstrated an increased need for community engagement and events  

Inside the event.


Keynotes were addressed by the city mayor, the moderator was introduced, and then Ms. Brianna Cook of IoTeedom addressed the findings of the IoTeedom survey. The Voices For Peace campaign is in response to this surveys findings. It seeks to understand the sentiment of Ghana’s electorates around theUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16. The campaign focuses on social peace, and maintaining social peace through justice-seeking and strong institutional presence in Ghana. The campaign will promote the strengthening of infrastructure to meet the needs that the society feels strongest are stressors of social conflict.

During Cook’s segment, she stated that IoTeedom and Confluent Media had initiated the Voices of Peace Campaign to create a path for Ghana’s citizens to “act freely and building peace through inclusion, community building, and collaborative partnership.”

Irina Tsukerman likewise explained how Republic Underground News was establised to respond to the negative issues that dominate the media space. This included the proliferation of fake news which results from a loss of contact between the media and its audience. Voices For Peace featured Republic Underground to promote a more proactive engagement between media and audience in Ghana.

The list of speakers who appeared was as follows:

Fritz of Institute of Accountability In The Digital Age
Irina of Republic Underground
Olajide of Ojodu Grassroot Foundation
Dr. Esmerald National Peace Council
Alhaji Usman Zongo Chief, Ashanti Region
ACP Budu Regional Police Command
Mr. Hope of Ghana Journalist Association

The event was further covered by News Ghana, GNA.org, Fernil News, and Ghana Web.

Ghana’s elections will commence on December 7. The event was hosted prior to elections to promote peace within the nation prior to the event.