U.S. Senators motion to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome Supply

The Iron Dome Defense System. From Twitter @IDF

The U.S. motions to restore Israel’s Iron Dome supply

By Rachel Brooks

May 22, 2021

Republicans of the U.S. Senate motion to restore Israel’s Iron Dome defense system supply following the politically heated conflict with forces in Gaza. This motion came as U.S. President Biden doubly pledged to resupply the Iron Dome and to rebuild Gaza. The U.S. Senator of Arizona Tom Cotton argued that the Biden administration should “redirect” funds being sent to Hamas forces to Israel to ensure the security of the region. The motion was introduced by four Senate Republicans, Marco Rubio (FL), Bill Hagerty (TN), Tom Cotton (AR), and Ted Cruz (TX) on Friday. The motion called “Emergency Resupply for the Iron Dome Act of 2021” would authorize the Executive Branch of the U.S. government to redirect U.S. foreign assistance to Israel to replenish the defense missile receptors of the Iron Dome system. 

“US assistance headed to areas under Hamas control should be redirected to Israel to resupply the Iron Dome,” said Arizona Senator Tom Cotton, as he was quoted by The Jerusalem Post. 

This episode of the ongoing Israel-Hamas-PIJ conflict has reached a fragile status of quiet, with a shaky ceasefire mitigated by Egypt, the United States, and others. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the U.S. for its support of self-defense during the conflict with the terrorist cells in Gaza. Conversely, the Hamas leader Haniyeh thanked Iran for supplying his forces with missiles. 

The Office of Senator Marc Rubio released a statement on the motion on May 21.

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Bill Hagerty (R-TN), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the Emergency Resupply for Iron Dome Act of 2021, a bill to authorize the Executive Branch to redirect U.S. foreign assistance to help Israel replenish its highly-effective missile defense interceptors,” said the official press release. 

Rubio cited the threat of Iranian aggression as he stressed the urgency of the proposed act.

“‘Iranian-backed terrorists have launched thousands of rockets targeting innocent civilians in Israel. In addition, their hate for Israel has also resulted in misfires that have killed their own people in Gaza,’ Rubio said. ‘Israel’s Iron Dome has saved countless lives, and we should ensure that it is fully funded and Israel has what it needs to continue to defend itself,'” said the official press release.

“‘With Hamas and other Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorists continuing to launch indiscriminate rocket attacks against Israel, Americans have seen the images of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense systems repeatedly intercepting rockets and saving the lives of countless civilians,” Hagerty said. “My legislation requires the Biden Administration to halt U.S. foreign assistance from going to Gaza and other Hamas-dominated areas and instead to redirect these resources to help Israel resupply its live-saving Iron Dome interceptors. The United States should unequivocally support the right of Israel to defend itself from terrorists.'”

The United States Congress witnesses a heated political divide over American support for Israel. Israel, since its repatriation settlement at the close of World War II, is a long-time regional ally of the United States in the defense against Islamist militant insurgency and other threats in the Gulf region.