Traders in Onitsha Celebrate the Killing of 4 Armed Robbery Suspects

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Charles Nwoke, Awka, Nigeria
December 14, 2020 

Image of a victim’s remains as they were found. Courtesy of local sources. 

Women traders who came from far and wide to make purchases at the Onitsha Main market and Ochanja market and residents of Fegge community were seen in groups on Monday, jubilating and making merry over the alleged killing of four tricycles (Keke) armed robbers who have been terrorizing and robbing them.

The armed robbers had reportedly robbed mainly women at gunpoint while operating in tricycles.

Those women after being robbed, would rush to Fegge police station and lay complaint and left in despair.

Last Friday some of those women were reportedly robbed again and they came to the Fegge police station and laid a complaint not knowing that the Police had perfected plans on how to get them until last weekend when they attacked the women again at Zik’s Avenue, Fegge.

Unfortunately for the four-man armed robbery Keke gang, the fegge police had laid ambush and as they double-crossed the Keke that the women traders boarded, and were robbing them at gun-point, the police, being better positioned, fired at them and gunned down the four.

Reacting to the killing, women traders who came to make purchases told newsmen that they are happy with the killing by the Fegge police.

According to one of the Victims, ” I have been robbed once and I went to the police and complained. They were young men who have been terrorizing us and it looked as if there was nobody to challenge them”.

“If not for the type of things we buy from Onitsha main market I would have stopped coming to Onitsha. The Fegge Police have done us proud and happy” she said.

Another woman who revealed that she came from Agbor, Edo state, said that “the police will continue to look for the remaining ones because the day I was robbed they were in two tricycles with guns and machetes”

A resident of Fegge who pleaded anonymity said that “I was present when the police gunned the four down and I was very happy”

“They rob their victims on daily basis and that day their cup was full. There are still others but because of the death of the four they may decide to leave Fegge for now especially as the police in Fegge, led by the no-nonsense DPO are ready for them”

The Fegge DPO, Mr. Rabiu Garba, CSP) declined comments about the killing and referred reporters to the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Mr. Harruna Mohammed for detail.

However, the PPRO did not respond to the SMS sent to him to get his reaction.