This week: RU to join Yemeni crisis event discussing Houthi drones

Editorial | Republic Underground 

March 13, 2021

Above. Poster of the event as it appears in English. 

Republic Underground news has been honored to work closely in forwarding discussions with Yemeni coalitions on the Yemeni-Houthi rebellion crisis within the country. In recent news, the Houthi rebellion also attacked the Ethiopian protected status migrant community of Sana’a, setting fire to hundreds of Ethiopian migrants in a containment center. As these crises continue to escalate, Republic Underground will continue to speak on behalf of informing the western and general public on all developments.


On Monday, March 15, Republic Underground media vice president Irina Tsukerman will attend a discussion with the 46th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. The session meets to discuss the use of drones in Houthi terrorism, among other human rights crisis points presented by the continued Ansra’a Allah movement.


The event poster as it appears in Arabic. 

Tsukerman was honored to be a guest speaker at the event. She expressed this via her Twitter on March 12.

Very honored to speak about the security threats and human rights abuses represented by the #Houthi #drones attacks against #Yemeni and #Saudi civilians (as much as against military and economic sites). Please don’t miss this important event on Monday, March 15!,” wrote Tsukerman. 

The event will be held at  5 Geneva time. The other guest speakers are Egypitan-Yemeni journalist Wadhah Murshed and the assistant secretary of Human Rights Association Switzerland Magdi Al-Akwa.