The value of multicultural aspects in Azerbaijan

By | Nasimi Abilov, Director of Jewish Media Center

February 2, 2021 

Religious peace in Azerbaijan, mutual understanding unity that exists among Muslim, high –level regulation of inter-religious relations are some of the factors strengthening our country almost without exaggeration, live together peacefully, people accepting each-other, the comprehensive unity is a new religion spread by Azerbaijan to the world.

The country is its intercultural platform, which provides for a consistent dialogue on tolerance issues, a carrier of interfaith trust and harmony, and missionary. Nasimi Abilov, director of the Azerbaijani Jewish Media Center agrees with this. He says Azerbaijan is an “island of values ”that has not yet been fully explored. Nasimi Abilov praised the media’s attention on these issues:” In Azerbaijan the press always maintains values such as tolerance and multiculturalism. I am not mistaken in saying that frequent coverage of the views of national minorities and religious denominations in the press is itself a harbinger of a tolerant environment.

I meant the doors are always open to us in this country! The tolerant environment that is developing in our country today, not only satisfies us Jews but also motivates us to love this ideal country. It encourages more attachments. In my official or unofficial meetings with my Jewish brothers from all over the world, I say that the state’s approach to the principles of tolerance is based on religious denominations, representatives of different religions, restoration of historical and religious monuments, international conferences, and the essence of national legislation, it is possible to see clearly…” N. Abilov says that even though Azerbaijan is an oil-rich country, it is not the main wealth of the country. The main wealth of the country is multiculturalism which is the daily life of me, you, and all our people. Azerbaijan continuous the path of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, which encompasses all its citizens and is well known.

Believe me, this path is followed with envy even in most developed countries. Because several leading countries declared their renunciation of multiculturalism.

A tolerant environment is reminiscent of paradise. Azerbaijan is a center of paradise. I also explain to the foreigners I communicate that people in Azerbaijan say that multiculturalism, a modern social term that characterizes the existence and support of many unique cultural and ethnic groups in society, has been genetically transmitted to them for centuries. Today, if thorn enters the finger of a Jew living in Azerbaijan, it will hurt the hearts of all Azerbaijanis. The same can be said for the State of Israel, which values this warmth. In Israel, too, most Jews consider Azerbaijan their second home. Today, I clearly see the unifying factor of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.

As you know, inter-culturalism is a call to support inter-cultural dialogue, this includes overcoming the passive acceptance of the multicultural fact of diversity of cultures that coexist successfully in society, strengthening dialogue, and ensuring the interaction of cultures.
If we go back a hundred years ago, we will see these people who put forward courageous, tolerant multicultural values, a thousand years ago …”

Noting that representatives of different religions, cultures, and nations have lived in peace and mutual respect in Azerbaijan for centuries, my interlocutor stressed that our people highly appreciate this tolerance, atmosphere of tolerance, and peace. This is the both policy of the Azerbaijan government and the way of life of the Azerbaijani society.

This is the face of Azerbaijan and, at the same time, an important message to an unstable world.