The Tiznit-Dakhla road, a titanic site connecting Morocco with Africa

Road infrastructure: The Tiznit-Dakhla road, a titanic site connecting Morocco with Africa

Directed by: Solaimane Lbakassi 


May 10, 2021

A major project is to build this Tiznit-Dakhla road, a titanic site that extends over an enormous area. The new vision of Morocco in Africa obliges us to take up the challenges for the benefit of the African citizen; it was the decision of the King of Morocco during his speech addressed to Africans. a pan-African project which promotes union and the free movement of goods between Morocco, the European Union, and Africa.

This project was the subject of a partnership agreement signed in February 2015 between three Ministries (Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of the Economy and Finance, and Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics, and Water) and four regions worth 8.5 billion dirhams. 

This is an opportunity for the southern regions to enter the big leagues via the expected advantages of access to several national and international transition circuits.

Before going into the details of this project, let’s first understand why Morocco is investing more in such projects?

The Kingdom of Morocco has a unique geographical position between the routes of international trade (sea, land, and air), it is considered a gateway to Africa (Gateway to Africa). It is bounded on the north by the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, on the south by Mauritania, on the east by Algeria, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Moroccan coast stretches over 3,500 km. An area: 710,850 km2, and two maritime facades: Atlantic: 2.934Km, Mediterranean: 512Km.

This geographical position of Morocco gives it a comparative advantage at the international level, above all, after having consolidated its relationship with the European Union which is considered as the Kingdom’s first partner. 

This comparative advantage was also a vital factor aiming at the diversification of economic partnerships with international free trade zones and, we cite a flagship example of this historic partnership of the Kingdom with the world economic powers, it is the United States of America. (Free trade agreement in 2001 USA-MOROCCO). 

In this strategy of consolidation and positioning, Morocco acquires certain importance between the North and the South, this consolidation strengthens this global geoeconomic movement interested in Africa, a still underexploited region, a region that abounds in important natural resources a region whose entire population is still young. 

Entering a continent whose disparities and insecurity overwhelm all development (insecurity in the Sahel, East Africa, Nigeria, etc.) risks missing its bet for investors. For the Kingdom, the risk-profit theory is a vital element to be a pioneer in this kind of investment, which profits from an activity must bear the costs.

The economic rise of the Alawite kingdom is indeed attested by its economic performance, its major structuring projects completed or underway, as well as by the improvement of its international rankings and the overall good trend of economic indicators.

Behind this economic growth, there was a national strategy for improving infrastructure, an essential growth lever (seaports, expressway, motorway, airports, etc.). 

Among the titanic projects, that of Tiznit-Dakhla, This expressway also aims to reduce the duration of journeys, avoid road cuts following floods and silting up, lower vehicle operating costs, and improve traffic. logistics services for the benefit of travelers and in terms of freight transport. It will be made up of the Tiznit-Guelmim, Guelmim-Laâyoune, Laâyoune-Dakhla sections passing through Tan Tan, Tarfaya, and Boujdour. 

It is a growth lever for the southern regions, the completion of this project will also be an essential factor that strengthens and consolidates Morocco’s partnership and relations with its African neighbors and, above all, with the Economic Community of West African States, the latter is considered as a more stable and prosperous region compared to some less secure regions. 

In this regard, this mega project will certainly strengthen the Kingdom’s links with its African depth and consolidate them with its European partner, without forgetting also that this kind of project constitutes a comparative advantage for the Kingdom at the international level aimed at improving the indices. national road safety and also aimed at attracting international investors and also confirming the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.