The knot is not only in the controller ?? !!

by Ahmed Elahgal

Mr. Elahgal a member of the political
work team of Dr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, and media adviser.

In recent years, the Arab media scene has been covered with highly complex equivalents.

I see, as some people see, the media played a pivotal role in the political tremors that swept the Arab region when the recipient was placed in the furnace of the media holocaust that adorned him all ugly. The public is fighting battles on behalf of the major powers that want to change regimes in the Arab region.

And the extent of its impact on the public opinion of society and adapting it to walking according to pre-equipped visions.

This prompts us to ask a very important question, to what extent do they affect each other, so we must monitor the changes in the content of media discourse for any medium from one stage to another.

As a result, some see the primary media as the driving force of public power in society, while they view the audience (the future) as a passive, induced recipient rather than an actor in his surroundings with his own vision.

Sometimes I imagine the minds of the masses prepared to be like empty lockers. Those who have the key words can fill and manage those minds and program them as desired.

Although I firmly believe that the era of direct influence of the media has ended, in this context one of them asks, “Who facilitated the control of the media over societies ?? The answer will surely be opinion leaders who have a major role in promoting the goals and objectives of the media among the public through media spaces that erupt for them or through bilateral dialogues, personal contact, Friday sermons, lessons, conferences, seminars and others.

Here we give an example of the Libyan case, as Sadiq al-Ghariani was before the events, that is, before 2011, he became the star of the Fatwa via the Libyan channel, and from here he acquired the hearts of many members of society and became an engine for the public opinion of the community. The truth and supporter of the religion of God while he is the claimer of horizons. The problem is that the elite in society were not able to penetrate into society the latest process of intellectual cross-fertilization between generations and influence in a way, so the sick and weak souls took advantage of the gap and crossed it to people to influence them and their prevailing beliefs broke

From here we hold the end of the thread and proceed to another question: Is the receiving audience always the victim, and the communication process applies in one direction and does not involve exchange between the two ends of the communication ???? !!!

And are the masses an immature group driven by the various media contents to serve hidden goals and desires to control the rhythm of this equation when pursuing any written, audio or visual media, we have to put it under the vocabulary of the colon: Tell me who pays for Piping wages to tell you who is Piper already .. When we get to the reality of the source of funding, we reach what is meant by the means, its dissimilar messages and the extent of its credibility or not.

The great danger is based on the surrender of people or some of them in a more correct sense to the tyranny and the media’s acquisition of their minds without notifying the messages sent from the various means to analysis and logic and carefully reading the intentions of the content that enables the recipient to grasp part of the truth that he made from deciphering the communication equation And its goals and whoever stands behind it …

On the institutional level, the various media work on identifying the audience’s mindsets and mental moods in order to attract them for the sake of influencing events later by possessing psychological entrances to the audience. This means that the audience has an end that has desires, visions, and static or dormant trends that the media is searching for In the rubble of the latitudes of the mind and the movement of these visions and underlying trends and explode them in the service of the interests of certain circles that want the passive, passive thought of reality to emerge, regardless of whether it is negative or positive .. Not everything that is transmitted through the media is evil, if not most of it is praiseworthy.

In this context, we infer the opinion of Dr. Mustafa Hijazi in his book “Social Retardation,” the entrance to the psychology of the oppressed person, where he says:

“The influential ability of the underdeveloped society person in the centers of power and power, including among them in the present time the media, even if it appears otherwise on the face of it! Let us move closer to what we revolve around, specifically what we encounter every day from media speeches that are absent from logic and the accuracy of the information, but are contradictory in its basic structure, which the mind does not accept and does not like any objective logic, then we find those who embrace it in public areas, more than that it may determine His political, moral, and convergence options Become a public policy decision that imposes itself on the future through the ballot box, for example! This leaves us with the paradox of the fact that the shattered media discourse in its structure is strong in its impact! This is not accepted by the logic of things. “

Accordingly, we can open another door to answer the media question, the frameworks in which its role and impact circles are progressing.

Media studies say that the effect of “mass communication” is embodied in television, radio and newspaper headlines here. I completely disagree with the opinion of communication expert Harold Lazwell, who believes that the ability of the media to influence individuals directly as I see that the individual cannot be withdrawn separately Its environment is affected and influenced, regardless of the extent of the individual influence in its surroundings On the components of that social and economic environment, and that it intertwines in one way or another with the human soul’s reservoirs of desires, aspirations, aspirations, and love to emulate others and reach fundamental changes that are hoped for in the near or long term …

From here, some media quotes the spark of danger to ignite crises and disputes between the forces that are in society and push them to the epicenter of the conflict instead of cooperation and honest competition.

I return to the bottom line that some of the public bears responsibility for the social, political, economic and other shocks that occurred on your own initiative and the messages went into their orbit without arbitration of reason and logic, which means that what happened is not the product of the poisonous media flow, but rather The presence of fertile ground for the public to embrace these ideas mentally and to think about them at length and then enter into the stage of what reality Bella is Bella is the acceptance and pre-preparedness of some to interact in a counter-authority process regardless of its dire consequences and hence the role of the media to the public in this comes Way or that By this we conclude that the media sometimes is merely an echo of what is going on in the minds of some members of society … if the audience is not prepared and psychologically prepared to follow this method or that no the control device is the separation between them and the intended message unfortunately the encouraging psychological conditions On interaction, there was a strong and dumping game with what the public wanted by the media. It ate in a way that serves the enemies of the nation. The media outbursts with testing, ethics and coexistence standards, where an irresponsible media letter was built by the utilitarian and partisan power based on the classification of society. And cutting it apart intellectually and socially.

We desperately need to unify public opinion in society to confront the torrent of malicious messages that still sweep the minds of members of society for its diseases and enable it.

The solution lies in finding a collective mind capable of assimilating the issues of society so that it is the general discourse mixed with them and dealing with its problems away from any pre-ideological framing that crushes the rule of convergence and mediation at which all the people of society can meet and now it is the homeland.

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