The International Justice Organization supports Ansar Allah designation

Editorial | Republic Underground 

January 13, 2021 

In an official statement backing the U.S. State Department’s designation, the United Kingdom’s Justice International Organization has filed an official statement of support for the designation of Ansarallah as a terrorist organization. Ansarallah Houthi terrorism has been the source of critical human rights violations in Yemen. The statement was published on January 13, with a public release scheduled for January 14.

The statement proceeds in its entirety as follows:

“International Justice Organization statement in support of the United States  Department decision to designate Ansarallah as a terrorist organization: 

Today’s announcement by the US State Department designating Ansarallah  as a terrorist organization is the first step towards justice for victims of  extremist violence, acts of war, and terrorism perpetrated by this faction  against the people of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the region.

Coming to  power as a result of an illegitimate attack on the internationally recognized  government of Yemen, Ansarallah spent the last five and a half years  asserting authoritarian control over the citizens of Yemen under its control,  diverting billions of dollars in international humanitarian aid, training and  facilitating activities by another Iran-backed terrorist organization – Hezbullah -, and attacking civilian targets in Yemen and Saudi Arabia using  weapons provided by Iran and Hezbullah. 

This designation will rightfully  acknowledge Ansarallah for what it is – a group that uses extremist ideology  and terror as the only way to maintain hold over its illegitimate power and  ill-begotten wealth. It will rightfully deny Ansarallah members the privilege  of traveling to the United States and the normalcy of being considered a  legitimate authority. It will cement the fight against its illicit funding from Iran  and terrorist organization and will give further tools to the incoming  administration to fight terrorism financing and aggression in the region. The  first step towards peacebuilding and sustainable security in Yemen is holding  the perpetrators of injustice accountable for their malfeasance. We at IJO  stand with the people of Yemen and applaud the decision of the United  States to hold Ansarallah accountable for terrorism after all these years

General Secretary 


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