Terrorism, Poverty, Infant Deaths, Armed Banditry, Herdsmen killings and Unemployment: the Totems of Nigeria in 2020

CC BY 4.0 International Abuja, Nigeria

By | Charles Nwoke

September 16, 2020

Above pictured, an arts and culture shop in Abuja, CC By SA 4.0 International, created by Philips Evarist. Reflecting the soul of a nation that has struggled under its current human rights debacle. Learn more in the following opinion essay by Mr. Charles Nwoke.

Since the inception of the present political dispensation in Nigeria, poverty and high rate of death have become the major features of a once peaceful country; such that she has taken over from India as the World Capital for under five years death and poverty according to statistics.

These dismal statistics are not as a result of President Mohammadu Buhari’s led administration corrupt governance alone, but also for the long standing good governance deficiencies over past decades in the country.

The situation under Buhari’s watch is such that we have never experienced in the past. Because of the decaying nature of the country’s economy, moral values, and_ worst of all__ the tormenting hunger in the land and the resulting high spate of death, Nigerians now believe that life is worthless in the country.

Despite the gory pictures we see online, on our mainstream media and on the streets of Nigeria, the government and leadership of the ruling party in the country – APC members and supporters of President Mohammadu Buhari seem to be playing politics with the situation; hence they’re always mute at the sight of all these security challenges bedeviling the nation.

To other Nigerians, the government and the ruling party have showed that they were not ready to govern the country; rather, they only wanted to grab power by all cost to show off their superiority.

Apart from the economic devastation caused by Covid 19 pandemic and the dwindling oil price that is further compounding matters, the economy have gone from worse to worst; which resulted to the fall in Naira, import dependency, 60% fall in government revenues, massive unemployment rate, poor health sector and increasing debt due to maladministration.

This issue is becoming of serious concern to every well meaning Nigeria both at home and in diaspora as the condition is worsening on daily basis. If it were in a sane clime, the leadership of this country will resign on the basis of incompetence and corruption.

During the recession period in America President Roosevelt initiated a new deal that led to massive infrastructural development all Across America with lots of hands on deck for millions of unemployed Americans, and today American economy is the best in the world.

We need such a new deal now in Nigeria. The challenge is who will do it since our leaders cannot do it, yet they are not ready to give room for people that can do it. 

If only most of the work is dependent on local supplies and inputs from Local contractors, suppliers, local capital and resources, and the government willing to lead the people with the fear of God, things will change for good and Nigeria will be great again.

I, therefore, call on every responsible Nigerian and the entire world to unite against bad governance and corrupt leaders in Nigeria. By so doing, we will liberate this country blessed with enormous mineral resources and manpower.