Teenager counted among Barda’s dead, further investigation into Armenian war crimes

"File:Armenian bombardment of Azerbaijani territories.jpg" by Ministry of Internal Affairs is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

By | Rachel Brooks 

November 7, 2020 

Above image: “File:Armenian bombardment of Azerbaijani territories.jpg” by Ministry of Internal Affairs is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, Created by Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs on October 4. 

A teenager has been counted among the dead in Barda’s Yeni Ayrija village, as the death toll of civilians climbs, citing AzerNews on November 7. Shahmali Rahimov was 16-years-old at the time of passing. The death was publicly announced by Presidential Aide Hikmet Hajiyev. The civilian death toll has risen to 93. 

In addition to the teenager’s death, a civilian was wounded in Tartar. This was reported by AzerNews on November 7. This was collaborated by MenaFN News and Trend News. 

MenaFN reported that Armenian forces shelled Gazyan, Gaynag, Gapanali, and Gusnali villages of Azerbaijan’s greater Tartar in the events of November 7. 

MenaFN, in the same article which reviews the earlier November 7 attacks against Barda and Tartar, made note that Armenia was the original provocateur in the conflict launched on September 27. Armenia initiated a series of large-caliber weapons firing, mortars, and artillery along the entire Nagorno-Karabakh front on September 27. 

 “Yet another innocent victim of Armenia’s terror.16 years old young gentleman -Shahmali today was killed in Barda as a result of Armenia’s targeted/deliberate attacks on Azerbaijani civilians,” tweeted Hajiyev.  

“Barda is away from the combat zone. There was no military necessity.”

As more children and teens join the number of the dead, the world now looks critically at Armenia, and now inquires into Armenian war crimes against the Azerbaijani population. Euractiv network, a European news network owned by Christophe Leclerq, the founder of the Euractiv non-profit organization, published an op-ed regarding Armenian terrorism against Azerbaijani on October 30. The op-ed was written by Vasif Huseynov. Huseynov is a senior adviser at the Center Analysis of International Relations of Azerbaijan. Outlets such as Euracitv allow the publishing of Azerbaijani op-eds, despite the fact that mainstream outlets frequently publish in favor of Armenian narrative.  

Huseynov wrote that, despite three ceasefire mitigation attempts by Russia, France, and the United States through the OSCE Minsk Group, Yerevan has persisted with firing upon non-military positions. Huseynov states that Armenia has committed war crimes against the civilians of Azerbaijan since September 27 when the Second Karabakh War ignited. This was likewise collaborated by AzerNews editorial. 

Huseynov stated that the negotiations for peace were “unfruitful the entire time” they were mitigated over the last year. Huseynov likewise stated that Armenia committed a continuing series of provocations against Azerbaijan up until September which led the two states into renewed conflict. This likely refers to the shelling of Tartar which occurred in July 2020. 

Huseynov stated in his op-ed piece that the Second Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was accompanied by a military doctrine presented by Armenia’s Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan. The doctrine is “new war for new territories,” according to Huseynov. This was considered a campaign to not only continue to occupy the 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory that was illegally occupied in the war of 1988-1993 but also to seize new territories.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense continues to allege Azerbaijani hostilities and Azerbaijan as the provocateur. The Armenian Ministry of Defense as well as the Artsakh Defense Army have stated this. They have likewise alleged that the Armenian forces, including the Artsakh Defense Army, have been successful in their offensive.  

“Overnight hostilities continued in all directions of the frontline,” tweeted the Artsakh Ministry of Defense. 

“Intense battles took place in the area of Shoushi-Karin Tak. #Artsakh Defense Army units successfully repelled multiple attempts by the #Azerbaijan‘i Armed Forces, destroying large numbers of manpower.”

This is not, however, corroborated by reports from the ground. Azerbaijan, with a superior military force as well as better-funded defense equipment, has been successfully reclaiming its originally occupied territory. Should Azerbaijan’s defense forces proceed as they have to date, they will be the victor of the conflict.