Snapshot of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s real interview vs western oped

Media | Republic Underground, Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC 

May 7, 2021 

Above, Prince bin Salman with the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, CC By 2.0.  Saudi Arabia has enjoyed good relations with the western world, but as of late, western rhetoric has been sour against the Kingdom. The Crown Prince’s words have been twisted to serve this rhetoric. 

In his recent Vision 2030 interview, Prince binSalman said: Any person, who adopts an extremist position, is a criminal and will be held accountable. See original, posted on April 27. 

Alehkhbariya News out of Saudi Arabia featured Irina Tsukerman, media vice president of Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC this week. The news outlet asked Tsukerman what the western media’s reaction was to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman denouncing extremism saying “it is never welcome” in Saudi Arabia.

Tsukerman noted that the west had “no reaction at all” regarding this news.
“Here is an interesting point. They did not. They did not cover that issue at all, for the most part. There’s a reason for that. When you wish to hide something, you don’t give it light. You want to make sure that the right audience does not hear.”

She noted that there was something “more sinister” going on, in which human rights groups in the west not only gave no context to the Crown Prince’s interview verbatim but manipulated points of it and quotes from the Quran to stress a skewed narrative.


“Clearly it was the part where he was addressing various controversies,” Tsukerman noted.

“Why do you think that some western media tries to paint a picture of Saudi Arabia that is negative?” the news anchor asked, asking also why the west would distribute misinformation regarding the Kingdom.

“There is a mixture of motives here,” said Tsukerman, noting that there is a mixture of highly polarized partisan entities in western media as well as the interests of several adversarial forces.

Despite heated rhetoric regarding Saudi Arabia, the nation has become progressive in terms of women’s rights and progress. Crown Prince binSalman has been seen as a visionary with hopes for a fast-tracked future that leaves behind the influence of extremists. 


“Including the very same extremists that the Crown Prince is referring to,” said Tsukerman. She noted then that negative media surrounding Crown Prince bin Salman undermines not only his reign but also the image of Saudi Arabia as a growing global entity.

She noted that there are those entities that benefit from Saudi Arabia’s dependence and that the best way to ensure this was to “demonize” the Kingdom.