Smart Cities Azerbaijan’s Cornerstone for Rebuilding event on April 16

Press Release | Republic Underground, Timberwolf Phoenix LLC 

April 14, 2021 

Don’t miss this engaging conversation on smart cities and reconstruction Karabakh conflict decimated Azerbaijan.

Join Republic Underground news, with moderator Irina Tsukerman, Media VP, Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC, this Friday April 16, at 1pm Eastern Dateline Time (New York), 21:00 Baku for an engaging conversation on smart cities.

Smart cities are considered the new cornerstore for rebuilding the infrastructure of Azerbaijan’s war impacted regions.

Tsukerman will be joined by special guests Tural Aliyev, a researcher with the University of Geneva, Anar Valiyev, the Dean of ADA University, and Amin Mammadov.


Previously, Republic Underground has covered the news and priorities of smart city development in Azerbaijan.

From a post published on March 16, precisely one month before the scheduled Q&A. Read the whole post at the link: 

Azerbaijan eyes smart cities, and Israel might be able to help


Azerbaijan is new to the smart city “neighborhood

With war and infrastructural crisis resulting from it, Azerbaijan has not had the opportunity to pursue smart cities before. At this close of the second Karabakh conflict, and the standing hopes that peace pipeline communications will make a lasting conflict pause this time, Azerbaijan would be a “new kid on the block” of sorts in the neighborhood of smart city development. For this reason, the nation is likely to consult the best and brightest of those established in this trade. Israel makes a logical first choice for the Caucasus nation, as a familiar face.