Security Post Attacked in Northern Ivory Coast

Security Post Attacked in Northern Ivory Coast
Charles Nwoke, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
April 2, 2021 

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The military authority says a security camp close to the northern boundary of Ivory Coast with Islamist ravaged Burkina Faso was attacked overnight, killing two people at the spot.

According to the military officials, the attack happened around 1:00 am at Kafolo, adding that further details of the incident were still not clear.

“The assailants were pushed back and a military operation is underway,” a military official told AFP.

In an attack on the army in Kafolo in June last year, about 14 military men were killed.

As it stands, no group claimed responsibility for that aggression, although the attackers are believed to have been Islamic extremists who entered the country from Burkina Faso, which has been struggling to conquer Islamist insurgency since 2015 to no avail.

19 persons were killed in a jihadist attack in Grand-Bassam, a vacation resort near Ivory Coast’s commercial capital city, Abidjan, in 2016.

Security experts have long warned that the Islamic terrorism campaign in the Sahel, which started in northern Mali in 2012 before finding its way into Niger and Burkina Faso, could spread into countries on the Gulf of Guinea.

In March this year, the head of France’s foreign intelligence service, Bernard Emie, as a way of intervening, said that jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda were strategizing on how to extend their raids in southern Burkina Faso.

“These countries are themselves now targets.

“The terrorists are already financing men who are spreading out in Ivory Coast and Benin,” he said.