Screening of the Asim documentary film at the UNHCR Yemen event

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By | Rachel Brooks

September 28, 2020

The event took place on September 26. Images courtesy of attendance.

Asim film screening

Venue: The Grotley Cinema, Geneva next to the Victoria Hall, Geneva’s most famous theater.

Time: September 26, 2020 from 2-5

Attendance: Journalists, activists and youth from Swiss youth organizations. The number of attendance is 53, the place can accommodate 100 people, but due to Corona, attendance is 53.

Asim’s documentary film, which narrates the tragedy of the Yemeni people, was shown along with the violations of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, who spread hatred even in the hearts of children, and work to starve the people.

The attendees were affected and expressed their dissatisfaction after the film about the role of international organizations and misinformation circulating in the Western media about Yemen.

An introduction was given before the film was shown, and it was notified to the foreign participants that today is the glorious September 26 Revolution and that this day will be celebrated after the screening of the film.

After Asim’s film was shown, the European organizations allied for peace in Yemen commemorated the 58th anniversary of the eternal September 26 revolution with the national anthem, followed by a speech by the head of the European Allied Organizations for Peace in Yemen, Mr. Faisal Al-Qifi. Al-Qifi spoke about the need to unite the ranks to defend the revolution and the republic and preserve the gains from the threat of the new imams (Houthis). He said also that our only correct and connected hadith is the glorious twenty-sixth of September, before which all the false racist talk of the new Imams collapses.

Journalist Nabil Al-Asidi shared a brief speech about the greatness of September 26 and said, had it not been for the 26th of September, we would not have occupied a pen and had not entered a school, nor had we carried a certificate, and he cited himself and mentioned that before the revolution there were only 4 schools and in the first ten years after the revolution, 800 schools were built. .

Then many of the attendees participated in words that expressed the greatness of the revolution and its eternity in the conscience of the Yemenis, the greatness and timelessness of the memory of its heroic martyrs, and the greatness of the sacrifice of those who stand today on the fronts of honor in defense of the revolution and the republic and demanded unified ranks to restore the state and the republic.

The data was translated into English and French

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