RU media VP speaks on Karabakh landmines; crisis continues to jeopardize civilians

Editorial  | Republic Underground 

March 19, 2021 

Above: “Minak – Moroccan landmines – Minas antipersona y anticarro” by Saharauiak is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.Landminesc continue to be a major risk of world civilian security. 

On March 19, Republic Underground media vice president Irina Tsukerman appeared on Report. az to discuss international concerns with the Karabakh landmine crisis. Tsukerman stated that, by failing to provide maps of the landmines in the region, Armenia violates the November ceasefire agreement. 

Danger remains after conflict, agencies comment on Karabakh landmines


“The very fact of mining a residential area and refusal to cooperate in the clearance of these lands is a violation of agreements from a legal, political and moral point of view,” said Tsukerman, as she was quoted by Report. az.  

Tsukerman was also quoted as saying that such “a low attitude of defeat” and taking “revenge for losses” is a poor representation of the Armenian nation, and represents them oppositely than they have presented themselves to the western world. 

“Such a low attitude to military defeat, revenge for losses through undermining Azerbaijani citizens is the lot of cowards and weaklings, and not at all the brave brave men that the Armenian military is trying to present themselves to the whole world. Officials and military persons who participate in such methods should be held accountable for this, “said Zuckerman, as she was quoted by Report. az. 

Rabbi Isayev bears witness to mine carnage, mine risk to civilians


Republic Underground continues to report the situation of landmine ordinance crisis and risk to civilians. Earlier this week, Rabbi Isayev Zamir Isayev spoke with Republic Underground in an interview where he confirmed visually witnessing the carnage exacted by the Karabakh mine ordinance crisis. See above.