Roundtable meets Houleye Thiam, Mauritanian activist

Editorial | Republic Underground 

March 22, 2021 

On March 24, at 1 pm EST (New York) Republic Underground will host a Women’s Month Roundtable Event. The event will be a conversation with Houleye Thiam. 

Houleye Thiam is the President and Founder of Youth and Hope Inc., which is a 501 (c) nonprofit that helps Mauritanian children achieve scholastic goals by providing them school supplies and a transportation stipend.

Thiam is also the president of the Mauritanian Network for Human Rights. She was quoted by Mother Jones for addressing the issue of the Trump administration’s final deportations of Mauritanians who had escaped the country that had also been rebuked by the United States for failing to tackle slavery in the nation. 

Houleye Thiam has also appeared at Census talks advocating for the fair human rights treatment of African migrants. 

Thiam was quoted by WOSU Public Media discussing the concerns for the welfare of African asylum-seekers in western nations. 

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