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Editorial | Republic Underground News

November 24, 2020 

Republic Underground will virtually join the team of Voices For Peace conference in Kumasi, Ghana on Thursday, November 26, 2020. The event will be held at 13:00 GMT at the Golden Tulip. The event is hosted by IoTeedom, Confluent Media, Socialsuite, and more. Voices For Peace objective is to engage the elements of peacebuilding. The Voices of Peace event partners across that panel to equip attendants with the needed communication council to make their voices heard. 

Featured as Republic Underground’s panelist is Irina Tsukerman, the company’s vice president and an adviser to the London-based International Justice Organization. Tsukerman is a human rights lawyer and geopolitical analyst based in New York, New York, U.S. 

About Republic Underground 

Republic Underground is a news and media analysis service owned by Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC out of the United States. Republic Underground engages with the Voices For Peace event as an expert on security and media issues worldwide. For more information about Republic Underground News write to

About Voices For Peace event 

Confluent Media and IoTeedom are actively working on a research and awareness campaign under the title “Voices for Peace.” Voices for Peace is a preliminary campaign to start engaging with the community of Ghana to provide insights to the government and local stakeholders around the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. 

Voices For Peace is in response to a survey conducted in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana. The research sample came to 1,110 Ghana citizens. The collection methods included sophisticated combinations of field research, text messaging, press releases, and social media posts. The responses to this survey were recorded to track community sentiment. The purpose is to engage each topic with community stakeholders. Voices For Peace is designed to assume and to correlate the basic human needs of safety and security. As basic needs are met, the citizens feel more peaceful, as was observed in the field study. Subsequent studies will follow. 

To learn more about the event, write to 

About Confluent Media

Confluent Media is a media research company with a footprint in Ghana. Confluent Media works to provide research, media, advertisement, and events organization to promote the vital need for communications in Ghana and the African continent. See more about Confluent Media. 

About IoTeedom 

Resources and access to the media research and response for the citizens of Accra, Kumasi, and onward will be provided through access to IoTeedom. IoTeedom is a smart cities research and technology platform that has partnered with the project to support the procurement of a platform for Ghana’s community stakeholders. 

IoTeedom is dedicated to building the future of smart cities. IoTeedom seeks to provide as many citizens as possible with its unique software. The software supports the basic smart infrastructure essential to establishing smart cities. This includes clean water, energy, food solutions, public accountability, and social impact. Learn more about IoTeedom at their hub site.