Republic Underground attends Yemeni crisis Houthi drone event

Editorial | Republic Underground 

March 17, 2021

On March 15, Republic Underground attended an event hosted by the Human Rights Council of Geneva regarding the use of drones by the Houthi rebel militia against the citizens of Yemen. 

Republic Underground’s media vice president Irina Tsukerman was invited to attend and to speak at the Human Rights Council, 46th session seminar entitled “Drones, Transnational Terrorism”. The event was held at 5 Geneva Time.

Moderator, Dr. Wissam Basindwa, President of the March 8 Bloc for Yemeni Women


1. Irina Tsukerman, Human Rights and National Security Lawyer, USA

2. Mr. Majdi Al-Akwa, Assistant Secretary-General of the Human Rights League – Switzerland

3. A. Wade Morshed, journalist and human rights defender, member of the National Dialogue Conference – Cairo

Dr. Basindaw chaired the seminar and spoke about the Houthi targeting of civilian hospitals in Marib. 

Morshed spoke regarding Iran’s ambassador to Yemen, Hassan Erlo, and his recent activity in the region. 

Morshed noted that Iran appeared to increase its pressure on America. He likewise talked about the Iranian foreign minister’s recent actions with regards to Yemen. 

Al-Akwa then added comments on the situation of civilian targeting. Al-Akwa noted that the Houthi rebellion had expanded the scope of its military targeting, and spoke on specific details of the attacks on Marib. 

Tsukerman then spoke about the Iranian role in the escalation of attacks on civilians. She noted the conflicted U.S. policies regarding the Yemen crisis, and the political pressures on the situation as the U.S. re-enter a dialogue with Iran. 

After this, there was an intermission. 

Dr. Al-Khattabi spoke on the use of Houthi aviation and the use of drones against Yemeni citizens since the events of the Six Wars. He mentioned that planes “fell down as butterflies.” Likewise, Al-Khattabi addressed the “air bridge” between Iran and Houthis. 

After that, Bassem Al-Abisi talked about how the Iranian websites that promote drone use by Houthis, noting that Iran uses Yemen as a test field. 

Last, Dr. Basindwa concluded the symposium on Houthi drones, making direct comparisons between the crisis in Lebanon and the current crisis in Yemen.