Remembering Azerbaijan’s Fallen Heroes part 1: Abbasov Vahid Sahib

By | Rachel Brooks

January 8, 2020 

This is the first part of a memorial series regarding the fallen soldiers of the Karabakh conflict. The following is the memorial of Abbasov Vahid Sahib by Natella Kamal Abbasova, his mother. Abbasov Vahid Sahib was nearing his 26th birthday at the time of his passing. 

I am Natella Kamal Abbasova, mother of martyr Vahid Sahib Abbasov, a participant of the 2nd Karabakh war.

Abbasov Vahid Sahib was born on November 10, 1994, in the city of Shaki, Azerbaijan. Vahid grew up in Baku, graduated from school No.47 in 2000-2011. Our martyr, who served in the military in Gazakh and Murovdag in 2015-2017, captured two Armenian explorers who wanted to cross the Azerbaijani border and handed them over to the management of the military unit and was awarded a letter of appreciation by the management. He was also a participant in the April 2016 clashes, where he made a name for himself.
Vahid, who provided moral and financial support to his family from his early age, always had a word to say:

“I will be the kind of child whom you will always be proud of, both when I am alive and after my death.” One of his greatest dreams was to liberate our lands from the Armenian occupation, to see our lands liberated.
Vahid also had a small wish, it may seem small to some people… to have a daughter named “Daniz”… Unfortunately, his dream remained just a wish…
Maybe he could not have a daughter but he saved the future of thousands of children.

The Second Karabakh War, which began on September 27, 2020, allowed him to follow his dream and he went to war voluntarily. He kept in touch with his family, talked about how they fought and how far they went, and how weak and cowardly the enemy was. During the war, he destroyed much Armenian manpower and equipment, took his wounded comrades off the battlefield by carrying them on his shoulders, and provided first aid. Our martyr Vahid who showed courage in the battles for Fuzuli, Jabrayil always said in every telephone conversation: “Don’t worry about me, I will pay my debt to my Motherland and return home”.

But Abbasov Vahid Sahib with the destiny of an honorable and short-lived martyr was martyred in Fuzuli on October 22, 2020, as a result of heavy artillery fire on a military unit.

It is true that we do not accept his absence at all, but after his death, his army comrades and friends talk so much about him that we feel as if he is still alive. He was the joy of our house. Now there are only faded flowers, a gravestone, and the bracelet that I will always carry on my arm. I am proud of my son because he is one of the heroes who wrote history with his blood that the next generation will read from books. The medals “For Motherland” and “For the Liberation of Khojavend” that he was awarded are bright examples of his love for Motherland.

He has a life story that will last forever…Because he became a unique epos like his name…A man does not become a hero later, he is born a hero.