Polisario Should Be Designated A Terrorist Organization

This morning I discovered that Polisario Front shills had contacted every publication where I had published about Morocco, and even some where I’ve published about unrelated issues, and sent them the following correspondence (which was also published as an article):

Buenos días,

En relación con el artículo de IRINA TSUKERMAN publicado per Noticias de Israel, en el que se dice “movimientos separatistas o terroristas locales como el Frente Polisario en el norte de África”, les agradeceré trasladen este correo a la autora, con el fin de que se informe y documente mejor:

El Frente POLISARIO no es un movimiento separatista ni terrorista, sino un Movimiento de Liberación Nacional que ha creado su propio Estado, la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática (RASD).

El Sáhara Occidental es la última colonia de África (lean a Frank Ruddy: “Western Sahara: Africa last colony”), figura en la lista de la ONU de los 17 Territorios No Autónomos pendientes de descolonización (el único en África) y fue invadido por Marruecos en 1975.

El Frente POLISARIO no necesita “separarse” de nadie. Es Marruecos quien debe abandonar el territorio invadido y ocupado.

Tampoco es una organización “terrorista”: Está reconocido por Naciones Unidas como legítimo y único representante del Pueblo Saharaui. Y está tratando de lograr su independencia por vía pacífica, con la mediación de la ONU y la Unión Africana, de la que la RASD es Miembro fundador.

Parece mentira que su información y/o documentación sean tan deficientes, probablemente debido a la constante propaganda del ocupante marroquí. Pero asumir y dar por válida esa propaganda engañosa es impropio de una persona con formación académica o, simplemente, de cualquier persona medianamente informada.

Les envío algunos enlaces (“links”) para que se documenten mejor.

Muchas gracias por su atención.


Luis Portillo Pasqual del Riquelme






¿Se encontrará Israel frente a Irán, Turquía y los Estados Unidos en Libia?

Noticias de Israel

Análisis y redacción de Irina Tsukerman en Besa Center

27 de julio de 2020

“Por esa razón, Irán ha estado dispuesto a alinearse con movimientos separatistas o terroristas locales como el Frente Polisario en el norte de África.”


Irina Tsukerman es una abogada de derechos humanos y seguridad nacional con sede en Nueva York. Ha escrito extensamente sobre geopolítica y política exterior de los Estados Unidos para diversas publicaciones estadounidenses, israelíes y otras publicaciones internacionales.Attachments area

Experts on this issue responded as follows:

” The list of non self governing territory is unrelated to Morocco retaking of land in 1975 It was put in same list under Morocco request in 1963, and legally speaking in it can be remove as China remove the territory of HK and Macau. Furthmore Frank rubby doesn’t hid the fact he is bias, going so far calling them best African libération move to ever existing, despite their fail to achieve their own goals themselves. Also “Legimate” speaker of Saharawi people, yet so far since their independent they fail to get legimaty by voting, they don’t represent the will of refugee in tindof camps And people in WS territory have their own elected representatives that are the elected. This argument I heard from their bots, always, without slights modification, as if they were program by single programmer Despite fact it’s easy to debunk.”

It’s unclear why the writer decided to address his grievances with the publications, rather than take up the issue directly with the author.

The gist of this comment is that Polisario members are “freedom fighters” rather than “terrorists”, without addressing any of the available evidence to the contrary.

For reference, here is a list of my work addressing Polisario:

My response directly to the Polisario shill was as follows:

That is incorrect information.

Take a look here:





I should add that I had spent time on the ground in the relevant area and personally interviewed former Polisario members and former prisoners, who had testified to the presence of Hezbullah member & tunnels in Tindouf camps and described horrific human rights abuses.

I testified to that effect at the UN Fourth Committee hearing regarding this issue in October 2019. I have yet to see any evidence contrary to the conditions of corruption, organized crime, embezzlement, and terrorist plots that I have described. I believe that the US and other countries should designate Polisario as a terrorist organization instead of viewing it as an equal partner in negotiations over autonomy for Sahrawi residents. They facilitate contraband and illicit operations, facilitating other criminal groups.

Furthermore, some of their members are terrorists from Al Qaeda. Polisario enables Al Qaeda and ISIS present in vicinity of Moroccan border; it has been trained, armed, and funded by Hezbullah with Iran’s assistance.
In 2018, Morocco severed its relations with Iran over this issue. There is a growing body of evidence pointing to Polisario’s contacts with Hezbullah in Lebanon, and leadership traveling back and forth to Iran.

Furthermore, most of Polisario leaders live in Europe rather than with their indoctrinated people in the camps. Tindouf camps in Algeria still practice slavery. There’s been extensive documentation of embezzlement of humanitarian aid by European Union.

Polisario is no better than Hamas, Hezbullah, Houthis, Iraqi & Syrian Shi’a militias, or any other Iranian-backed terrorist groups. They are fighting for power and self-enrichment, not for any form of freedom. DOn’t be fooled by propaganda constructed to full the naive.


The bottom line is that Polisario’s actions have been consistent with a terrorist organization, which has been implicated in violent attacks against both Morocco government and civilian institutions. It meets the criteria for being designated as a terrorist organization under the US and international laws. Other countries should do the same. Territorial disputes should be resolved through dialogue and in accordance to laws, not through organized crime, unprovoked violence, contraband, extortion of the international community, disinformation and manipulation of global public opinion, and cooperation with rogue regimes. Its leaders should be sanctioned, rather than legitimized. And false historical premises should be dismantled.

Morocco has a right to territorial integrity free from frivolous and baseless campaigns and international meddling.