Our compatriot in Germany: “Karabakh should be brought into the sphere of interest of Europe”

Commentary |  Kenan Novruzovun yazisi

Interview with Nurlan Mammadov

December 23, 2020 

 “For this, tourism projects should be implemented there”

“It would be good to allocate the revenues from these projects to the families of martyrs and ghazis (veterans), as well as to the newly established “YASHAT” Fund”

“We should benefit from the European models and, if necessary, refer to the European Parliament for this”

The Second Karabakh War did not only change the situation in the region. It also affected the political processes in the world. Azerbaijan already occupies an important place in the foreign policy of some countries, even the United States. 

With the Victory Parade held on December 10, Azerbaijan put a signature on the victory we gained in November, exactly one month ago. In other words, we formalized our victory. So, as a state and as a nation, our goals and duties changed. Now we should be more united and stronger than ever to prevent the enemies from “raising their heads.”

Our compatriot who lives in Germany, an officer of the migration service there, a staff member of the “Leadership” program Nurlan Mammadov expressed his views about the current processes to the website Sherg.az. He stressed the factors behind our historic victory:

In 2019, I represented Germany in the “Leadership” project organized by the Diaspora Committee. It was very effective. I was especially impressed by the work of the government agencies, including ASAN service. I must say that even in Germany, there is no such system that works so quickly and pays attention to digitality. Within the framework of this project, we also met and held discussions with Hikmet Hajiyev, who is currently the Assistant to the President. We visited Jojug Marjanli and learned about investments here.

In fact, what we saw at that time was the success at the root of this victory of Azerbaijan. But, to be honest, it was unthinkable that we would get the result so quickly. Of course, one of the most important points is the unity of the people and the state. I hope and believe that our people will be with the state and the government with the people for many years to come. It stands at the heart of our victories. It is no secret that Azerbaijan is located in a very difficult geopolitical region, surrounded by major powers. It is certainly doubly gratifying to have this victory in such conditions.” 

N. Mammadov described the reflection of the events, taking place in our country, in Germany as follows: 

“Karabakh is a regional conflict between the two countries. This means, at least the states in the region have interests in this  Karabakh “knot”. Azerbaijanis in Germany are now more united than ever.

Everyone is on the same front, regardless of their political position. Our Diaspora operates in several areas, including taking care of the families of martyrs and watching the media.

I can say with confidence and full responsibility that the press here is biased and takes religion as the basis. They do not even hesitate to write slander. An example of this is the circulation of news about the alleged presence of Syrian fighters in Azerbaijan. The media rarely takes an objective, impartial approach to the processes. 

Believe me, if the diaspora does not react to injustice and unfairness, it will not happen. We complained about one of the local TV stations, even though (our complaint) was ineffective. We also talk to politicians and interview them. In other words, we do our best to make our voice heard in one form or another in the world.”

Our compatriot also made several interesting proposals:

“We should take various steps to live together with the Armenians. It will happen in any case sooner or later. We have no other choice. In my opinion, it would be good to create a special institution to resolve the conflict. Let Azerbaijani and Armenian experts have discussions there. Of course, that institute should be located in Shusha.

This is important for the development and popularization of the city. It would also be symbolic. As I said, the only way for people to live comfortably in peace.

We need to tune in to this point and think about it. But at the same time, Azerbaijan should make its military power felt in Karabakh. For this purpose, it would be expedient to establish a military school in one of these areas, as well as to turn Zangilan, Fizuli, or any border region into a “military city.” 

That is, we should do so that the enemy can no longer dare to “raise its head.” The next point is the implementation of tourism projects. This is extremely important for bringing Karabakh into the sphere of European interest.

At the same time, it would be good to distribute the revenue from the projects implemented in Karabakh to the families of martyrs and ghazis (veterans), as well as to the newly established “YASHAT” Fund. We should benefit from the European models and, if necessary, refer to the European Parliament for this.”