Novruz and Zoroastrian traditions, Azerbaijan: Where to stream it


March 22, 2021 

The history of Novruz, the spring festival of Azerbaijan, explained. This is an in-depth discussion on the Zoroastrian background of the “land of fire” that you won’t want to miss.

On March 23, at 1 pm EST (New York) 22:00 Baku, Women’s Roundtable will meet to discuss the traditions of Novruz and Zoroastrian influence in Azerbaijani culture.

The event will be moderated by Irina Tsukerman, media vice president of Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC. The event will be co-hosted by Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC, Republic Underground news, and the Caucasus Journalist Network.

Special guests include Doctor of Philology Professor Seher Orudzhevahead, of the Department of Azerbaijan Oral Folk Art, Faculty of Philology at Baku State University.

This event joins a list of Women’s Roundtable Events and culture discussions airing exclusively on Republic Underground. Visit our Facebook lives channel to get more information on past events, discussions, news panels, and more. For this Novruz Traditions event, Republic Underground welcomes back a special guest.

Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC is the parent company of Republic Underground news. Caucasus Journalist Network is a network of media and diplomatic professionals who have joined efforts to imrpove reportage and to equalize narratives regarding the Caucasus.

To join the livestream visit the link below:

For Russian and English transcripts of the event, keep checking back at Republic Underground’s “events” and “web events” pages.