Ninth night of rocket fire follows “Day of Rage”, Israel war updates

Above, the IDF showcases the Iron Dome a “combat proven” missile interception system 

Nine nights in, rockets fill the skies following a “day of rage” protest

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Eurovision semifinals disrupted by pro-Palestinian protests, Joe Biden’s Israel friendship questioned

By Rachel Brooks

May 18, 2021 

Barrages of rockets continue to fire upon Israel for the ninth night in a row, the IDF reports.  This followed a day of nationwide protests. 

The “Day of Rage” commenced as the Arab-Israeli sectors across the country went on a strike in response to al-Fatah’s call for solidarity with those who had been detained during countrywide riots, wrote The Jerusalem Post.  

The Arab-Israeli sector held the massive strike in Israel and the West Bank. The strike was called by the Arab High Monitoring Committee and was in direct response to the riot police response to a heated protest at Al Aqsa mosque, that followed the eviction of tenants from Sheikh Jarrah who had failed to pay rent on the property they were living in. 

As a direct result of the protests against the “massacre of civilians” in Gaza, public transportation was disrupted. The Transportation Ministry worked to alleviate the burden on a country already severely disrupted by the conflict between official armed forces. 

Since hostilities began, riots have escalated into violent uprisings, with civilians killed in the wake of social violence between Arab and Jewish citizens. 

As Israeli contestant Eden Alene prepared to perform at the 2021 Eurovision semifinals, pro-Palestinian protesters gathered around outside the arena in Rotterdam. Alene had made comments on Instagram regarding the war between Israel and Gaza which prompted the protests. 

“I am in Holland now, but my heart is with you every minute, hurting, loving, strengthening, and following with worry everything that is happening in Israel,” wrote Alene, as she was quoted by The Jerusalem Post. 

Protests against the Israeli singer’s solidarity with her country joined a wave of heated rhetoric and protest against other celebrities who expressed support for Israel. Among these was Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress best known for her role in Wonder Woman.

As rhetoric continued its heat, U.S. President Joe Biden reportedly called on Israel to wind down its return attacks against the Hamas incursion. This led some in Israel to speculate whether Joe Biden’s Israel policy would cave to progressive political pressures as opposed to favoring the historic alliance between the United States and the Jewish State. Biden is a self-proclaimed Zionist and has professed support of Israel throughout his many decades in the U.S. government, but, as he has risen to the office of the presidency in a time of hyperpartisanship, his Democratic supporters meet this proclamation with a grave offense. The U.S. progressive far-left Democrats are heated critics of Israel, favoring the Palestinian arguments against the Israeli presence in the region. 

One such example of this is of the American representatives Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been dubbed “The Squad” by Americans. These three are pro-Islamist and are known to “parrot” the talking points of Hamas, see this op-ed from Newsweek.  While the article noted President Biden “deserves credit” for recognizing Israel’s right to self-defense against the Iran-backed terrorism that now affects 9 million civilians, the op-ed authors did not believe it was enough. They called on Congress to condemn the talking points made by “The Squad” and other members of Congress who are sending an “opposite” message with regards to Israel’s legitimacy as a state and regarding Israel’s rights to self-defense. 

As “The Squad” carries the weight of progressive rhetoric regarding Israel and Palestine, their words have reportedly incited American minorities against the Jews, as a progressive protest of all pro-Israel support and Jews has led to violent clashes around the world.