Niger military kills 24 suspected jihadists

Niger Military killed 24 suspected Jihadists – Government Authority
Charles Nwoke, Banibangou, Niger
May 4, 2021 

Image courtesy of local sources, fair use. 

Niger Republic Military has killed 24 suspected terrorists when they tried to escape after being captured in the western part of the country, the government said.

The suspected terrorists had been strategizing on how to attack the market town of Banibangou but the army was alerted, after a serious gun duel, 26 persons were apprehended on April 28, the defense ministry revealed in a statement.

One of the “suspected terrorists” died later from bullet injuries.

The ministry further revealed that as they were waiting to be relocated to nearby Chinegodar, where there is a military base “the prisoners tried to escape” overnight on Thursday and managed to disarm a guard.

“After ignoring warning shots, 24 prisoners were fatally wounded and one of them was able to escape,” it said, adding that team had been set for an inquiry.

Chinegodar and Banibangou are in the Tillaberi region which is on the borders of both Mali and Burkina Faso. It is regularly attacked by terrorist organizations affiliated with Al-Qaeda or Islamic State.

On March 15, suspected jihadists killed 66 persons when they raided a bus carrying shoppers from the Banibangou, and then attacked the village of Darey-Daye.

On 2nd January, 100 persons were killed in attacks on two villages in the Mangaize district of Tillaberi. The massacre, one of the worst in Niger’s history, occurred between two rounds of the country’s presidential election.

A year earlier, on January 9, 2020, the Niger army lost 89 officers in an attack on the military camp in Chinegodar, one month after 71 forces died at Inates in a serious onslaught.