Meetings and negotiations resume between Azerbaijan and Belarus

Rachel Brooks

April 21, 2021 

Above image is of the Azerbaijani embassy in Belarus. The cross regional allies remark on their continued friendly relationship as their leaders met this week to resume business and post-conflict dicussions and business negotiations.“File:Embassy of Azerbaijan in Belarus — Посольство Азербайджана в Беларуси 2.jpg” by Homoatrox is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 

After facing the most heavily contested election of his history, Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka,(anglicized as Alexander Lukashenko) has visited Azerbaijan. Lukashenko visited Azerbaijani from April 13-14, wrote the Eurasia Daily Monitor, see the Jamestown Foundation.  Lukashenko was initially meant to visit the country in late 2020.

 Azertag News reported that Lukashenka and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev held a one-on-one meeting. The two presidents met to discuss issues of restoring the Karabakh after the conflict that has completely devastated the region in the years since the occupation. 

Aliyev addressed Lukashenka in the meeting and noted the progress that they had made in their more informal meeting before the formal event. 

Belta News gave some insights into the more informal meeting event. 

“Alexander Lukashenko went to the first meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart immediately upon arrival in Baku. It was informal and lasted for several hours. The presidents talked tête-à-tête, so what exactly was discussed behind closed doors can only be guessed at. “We had the opportunity to communicate informally, discuss a wide range of issues on the bilateral agenda, regional issues,” Ilham Aliyev later opened the veil of secrecy, but did not go into details,” wrote Belta, translated from Russian into English. 

Post-conflict discussions include interests in smart cities. See what these Azerbaijani smart city experts have to say about rebuilding Karabakh from the ground up with modern technology.


Belta reported that Belarusian electric buses may make an appearance in Azerbaijan shortly as discussions regarding reopening the road for business between the two nations post-conflict were made. 

“It is possible that the production of Belarusian electric buses will also appear in Azerbaijan. The country wants to acquire electric passenger transport, but the plans include not just purchasing equipment, but creating its enterprise. Therefore, tests are already underway,” wrote Belta news, translated from Russian into English. 

Belta reported that the day following this informal meeting, the two presidents met for official negotiations in the Zagulba palace. 

Aliyev opened the discussion with a speech. 

“Yesterday we had the opportunity to communicate in an informal format and discuss a wide range of issues on the bilateral agenda, as well as regional issues,” said Aliyev, as he was quoted by Azertag News. 

“Today we will continue our dialogue. I am very glad that the relations between our countries are developing. Together we have brought dynamism to our relations and see progress in all directions. We see that the issues we have agreed on are being implemented. Our reciprocal visits are regular. I have refreshed my visits to Belarus and your visits to Azerbaijan. All this shows that there is a close political relationship, a high level of trust between our countries and we are focused on the result.” 

Aliyev then proceeded to the business of post-conflict rehabilitation. 

“I would also like to discuss with you the issues related to the restoration of Karabakh. We know the experience of Belarusian companies in creating agro-industrial complexes in your country. Therefore, this issue, of course, has a special place in terms of the restoration of liberated territories,” Aliyev said during the meeting, as he was quoted by Azertag News.  

President Alexander Lukashenko responded to Aliyev’s speech. Lukashenko noted the importance of the Belarusian relationship with Azerbaijan and stated that he was proud of the restoration of ties since the Soviet era. 

“Indeed, Azerbaijan has taken a huge step towards achieving its national dream. But this is only the first step. We talked about it a lot yesterday. I am very glad that you, as a true friend of the Belarusian people, know that there is still much work to be done, very hard work must be done to restore life in the liberated territories, and very much peaceful work must be done. You should know that you have reliable friends in Belarus. You know our possibilities,” said Lukashenko, as he was quoted by Azertag news. 

“Today we will discuss them again with ministers and experts. If we come to an agreement, as we have always done, we will always implement the agreements, as evidenced by the fact that the turnover has reached half a billion now. In general, there were no such situations before you became President. Therefore, this is a good result in terms of dynamics.”