Marib conference talks Houthi attacks on Marib, Yemeni people

By | Rachel Brooks

March 23, 2021 

Image credit: Screencapture of the event on Marib 2021 conference shared courtesy of Adel Dashela. Fair use. 

On Monday, March 22, the Marib 2021 Conference was held at 3pm via Zoom. A proclamation for the event proceeds as follows: The Marib Conference is a community organization. Its event featured on the same day as the 46th Session of the Human Rights Council presented comments regarding Nazi Houthi Racism.

“Nazi Houthi Racism and the Targeting of Religious and Ethnic Minorities”



Under the generous patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and the Governor of Marib Governorate, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, the first Humanitarian Conference 2021 on the humanitarian role of the Marib Governorate during the years of war will be held on Monday at 3 pm, via the Zoom platform.

Yemeni and foreign ministers and diplomats will participate in the conference, which is organized by many research and studies centers under the supervision of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Marib Governorate, and chaired by our country’s ambassador to UNESCO, Dr. Muhammad Jumaih. The conference will present 8 working papers, the first will talk through the participants about the human status and role of Marib during the war, and the second paper will be titled: The Forgotten Yemen of Marib as a model, and the third paper will be titled: Marib, the Land of Sustainable Development. The fourth paper will deal with psychological harm to women and children during the years of war.


Houthi drones event, Tsukerman’s comments, and full event transcript



While the topic of the fifth paper will be “Preserving faith in the path of democracy and the support of the international community for this approach, and the sixth paper on the role and duties in the international community for Yemen in general and with special aims. The eighth paper will be entitled: Ma’rib, a new society taking shape. The representative of the local authority in the governorate of Marib, Dr. Abd Rabbo Moftah, will speak at the conference about the role of the local authority in humanitarian work in Marib during the years of war.

In addition to statements made in the proclamation, Dr. Adel Dashel likewise had comments. Adel Dashel Yemeni is a Researcher& Writer,expert in the Yemeni human rights crisis. 

He made the following statements. 

The first Humanitarian Conference 2021 on the humanitarian role of the Marib Governorate during the years of war had discussed the following issues: Forgotten Yemen: Marib as a Case, The Humanitarian Status of the Province of Marib, Marib: The land of Sustainable Development, The Marib Local Authorities’ Role in Humanitarian Work during the War Years, Marib: A New Modern Society, The Role of Society towards Yemen in general & Marib in Particular, Psychological Damage to women and the child during the Years of War and Preserving the Democratic Path& the Support of the International Community for this Trend.”

Marib Conference has tackled many issues. See the comments on Yemen and the Houthis on Facebook. 



The international community must know that the governorate of Marib has become a home for more than two million displaced people who fled the brutality and of the Houthi militia in search of safety. Since the beginning of 2015, the Houthis have used all kinds of heavy weapons against civilians in Marib. Therefore, if the international community, Europeans, and Americans want to end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, they have to address the root of the problem.

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“From Two Worlds” let’s talk society and democracy, from Irina and Najat’s chat


The Iranian Military escalation against Marib and the Yemeni people, in general, must be stopped. The international community must know that Marib strengthens the decentralization to prevent power monopoly. We must encourage this trend. In addition to this, the international community must know that implementing the UNSCR 2216 and the Yemeni National Dialogue Document is the path to sustainable democracy and peace.