Let’s talk Islamist censorship, false narratives, Irina and Najat’s chat

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March 18, 2021 

Above, POMED captures a discussion of the political lobby on the U.S. administration (Trump era’s) “inaction” against the Saudi government over Jamal Khashoggi’s killing. Press coverage of Jamal Khashoggi has been seasoned with the interests of political lobbies and leads our panel speakers in this event to discuss the lack of total transparency and general freedom of speech in the current western media. Image credit “The Administration’s Inaction on the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi” by POMED is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

This week our media VP Irina Tsukerman met up with Dr. Najat Al-Saeed as part of the women’s Roundtable Events. Their chat led us to more in-depth discussions on the greater issues of democracy, truth, and women’s rights. 

FARA’s role protects U.S. from foreign propaganda interference


Earlier, we shared more about Najat’s powerful story, and how she grew up as a girl from both the western and Arab worlds. Defining herself, and her education became a major driving force of seeking human rights and truth in the media. Now a Ph.D. and a media expert, Dr. Al-Saied’s career has been driven by a need to oppose incorrect narratives from both the western outlook on the political leadership in Saudi Arabia and also the cabal of Islamist influencers in Saudi Arabia who have held the people captive with their false narratives. 

“They (Islamists) don’t care if we write hundreds of articles in Arabic. If we talked about them for hundreds of millions of hours in Arabic, they don’t care. But once we write in English, especially influential newspapers and institutes, they become so angry.” -Dr. Najat Al-Saeed 

Dr. Al-Saeed noted that the cabal of the Islamist religious order in the Arab States is not so much opposed to outrage sounding from their people. 

Rather, these people pursue manipulation of the foreign press. Investigations have sparked over this manipulation in major entities such as Al Jazeera, a media entity owned by the Qatari government and editorially controlled by the Islamist influences of Qatar.

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A FARA investigation into Al Jazeera’s affiliation and close ties with the Islamist influencers in the Qatari state took place in recent months, see our report linked below. Al Jazeera, and its American outlet AJ+, has been known to publish radically different narratives in its English language publications while promoting Islamist terror militias in its Arabic broadcasting. 

“Because they are playing a double game,” said Al-Saeed. 

“Since a long time ago, what they would say in English was totally different than what they’d say in Arabic. That’s why they have deceived a lot of westerners making them think that they (the Islamists) are ‘pro-democracy and pro-human rights,’ and that ‘those brutal regimes don’t want to give us the opportunity.’ Well, they are not like that. Look at their speeches in Arabic. They’re totally different.” 

Dr. Al-Saied then took a moment to express gratitude for those media outlets that are taking the time to translate the speeches made by Islamist organizations in Arabic. She states that, by translating what is truly being said, these media outlets are exposing to the western world the corruption that is suppressing human rights in the Arab world, and prevent the establishment of democracy and human rights that westerners are hopeful for in this region. 

“The western world must know what political Islamists are saying in Arabic,” Dr. Al-Saeed. 

She suppressed the supreme importance of this stance. She also recalled having been attacked for this stance in the public. 

See more in future posts for our Women’s Roundtable Month. 

Tsukerman followed up with some discussion points of her own, as they discussed more the background of the attacks against Al-Saeed by Jamal Khashoggi and others. . 

Tsukerman talked about Jamal Khashoggi, the Islamist who has been hailed in the western media as a dissenter journalist, and how through his Arabic tweets and other media he made attacks against Jews, something she noted shortly after Khashoggi’s disappearance. The western media never picked up the story of Khashoggi’s religious intolerance in any way. 

“On the other hand, they tried to create a symbol of Free Press and journalism from (Khashoggi).” _Irina Tsukerman. 

Tsukerman asked Al-Saied her thoughts on the western rebrand of Khashoggi compared to the Saudi understanding of his rhetoric as one defending the cabal of Islamism. She noted that the western media, regarding Khashoggi, has been talking doublespeak in which they noted that Khashoggi has been accused of this rhetoric, but that they also promote a platform for “everyone to voice their views” that, when observed in detail for its true value, actually prevents the free speech of an equal general public. 

“The western media is doing that for two reasons. Especially the mainstream media over the liberal media which is becoming now so leftist.

They are either doing that because of ignorance of those people and what they lack in (understanding) Arabic. Or, I believe, they (media) are using those people (Islamists) for their own political agenda, and their political agenda is to fight the right. In the terms of the United States, they are fighting the Republicans,”-Al-Saeed. 

Al-Saied noted that the leftist media is pro teaming up with Islamism in the Arab states because the Islamist political arm fights against the U.S. Republican/conservative party. In that sense, they share a common political enemy, and this is why Islamist narratives are echoed positively or censored completely in western media.

“They want to use (the Islamists) in their internal fight. People like me are not with them (the Islamists),” said Al-Saeed, noting that because of this fundamental opposition to the cabal of Islamism, people such as Al-Saeed find great difficulty having their articles printed in mainstream media.

FARA’s role protects U.S. from foreign propaganda interference


“You (the media) haven’t even given me the same chance as Jamal Khashoggi, who wasn’t even writing his articles. I write my articles myself,” said Al-Saied, noting that, if the media truly cared about free speech, they would afford her the same platform that Khashoggi received. Al-Saied called out the mainstream media for its lack of objectivity toward free speech.

Discussion time: Share your thoughts. How can westerns work with the Arab world to increase the education and understanding of Islamisms true intent? What are some ways of engaging the public to understand the dangers and suppression of political Islamism and the impact it has had on Arab citizens in their first countries, or in muting their arguments in the Arabic language?