Lebanon fires shots into Israel, female terrorist attacks in Hebron 

Strike on a rocket launcher in Gaza. Civilians were evacuated from the adjoining building.

Lebanon fires shots into Israel, female terrorist attacks in Hebron 

Israel war updates

Rachel Brooks

May 19, 2021 

The war in Israel continues for its second week, following a bitter uprising at the Al Aqsa mosque. On Wednesday, Israel Defense Forces reported being engaged by Lebanon. Four rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel. 

Also on Wednesday, Israel Defense Forces reported an attack by a female Islamist insurgent at the Elias Junction in Hebron. 

“A terrorist armed with an M-16 assault rifle arrived at Elias junction near Hebron. The terrorist started shooting while advancing towards IDF troops and civilians at a bus stop. Two IDF soldiers shot and neutralized her. No IDF injuries were reported,” stated the IDF on May 19. 

The war in Israel continues on multiple fronts that can be blocked into three categories. 

First, there is the category in which the IDF engages Hamas and other officially recognized militia groups. Lebanon now joins this category in direct engagement. 

Second, there is the theater of conflict between civilians engaged in heated political protests. These exchanges have led to riots in Israel between Arabs and Jews, as well as antisemitic rallies and riots around the world, in which Jews were attacked directly for the perceived crimes of the Jewish state. This is the direct result of the third category. 

Third, the war between Israel and the Hamas and al-Fatah terrorism campaign is distorted in the global media. Hyperpartisan rhetoric continues to compound issues of obtaining accurate information regarding the conflict. 

Heated rhetoric comes from editorial outlets, as well as from politicians such as U.S. politicians Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Rhetoric has also been generated by humanitarian organization personnel, such as Kenneth Roth of the Human Rights Watch, which has continued to post misconceptions that regard Israel as victimhood-shielded apartheid. Rather, Israel is a nation where Jews and Arabs have equal rights under the law, but the elevated risks of terrorism present extreme political difficulties and issues in terms of conflict engagement, law enforcement, and civil rights. 

On May 19, IDF’s statements regarding the conflict painted a picture of the multifaceted fronts on which the Jewish state must engage this conflict. The IDF released footage of an airstrike it conducted on what had been a civilian site in Gaza but had been converted by Hamas into a rocket launch site. 

“See it with your own eyes: Hamas turned a civilian structure in Gaza into a rocket launch site ready to fire rockets at Israel. Under intl. law, a civilian structure used for military purposes is a legitimate military target. We gave civilians time to evacuate,” wrote the IDF. 

The IDF also included the audio, with English captions, of the exchange of orders for forces targeting the site. The strike was withheld until the 

evacuation of civilians from the adjoining building was guaranteed. 

The exchange of commands from the Command Desk and the pilots on task proceeded as follows: 

Command and Control Desk: 

You do not have permission to strike (the launcher because there is) a building so close by. 


Understood, we are pausing the strike. 

Command and Control Desk: 

The evacuation has begun, (code name). 


Understood…We’re returning to the main street to monitor movement towards the junction you requested. 

Command and Control Desk: 


Wait, wait. This is important. Wait one second. There is movement from the adjoining houses, at the moment from the low structure, the one that is right next to the rocket.


We see them evacuating. People are running out. 

Command and Control Desk: 



Someone ran to call them, we have seen at least two people run outside with him. Good, now there has been an evacuation of those that were present. 

There was then a smaller strike to uncover the launchers. 


There is the rocket launcher inside, I can see the rocket launcher from the (code name), there it is, we see the two (barrels).

Command and Control Desk: 

You have permission to strike. 

The pilots then executed the main strike against the launchers. 


You can see the secondary explosions (from the rockets detonating) right (code name)? 

Command and Control Desk: 

Yes, indeed. 

The secondary explosion cast a wide radius of rocket ordinance. The pilots were stunned. 


Whoa, it just shows…illustrates…the huge amount of damage these things cause. 

See the footage here. 

In the continued information war, The Jerusalem Post reported that the Chinese media has been spreading a narrative that the United States’ support for Israel is based on being beholden to “wealthy Jews.” China, which has also been under international scrutiny for the genocide of the Uyghur people, was called out by the Israeli Foreign Ministry for this “blatant antisemitism.” The Israeli Foreign Ministry noted that the statements on this broadcast were “racist and dangerous.”