Kidnappers Den Discovered In Oyo

NigeriaCourtesy of local news services

By Charles Nwoke, Ibadan, Nigeria

October 1, 2020

Post created on 30/09/2020

Images of crime scene courtesy of Charles Nwoke and local news services.

A kidnapper’s den was discovered at the popular Liberty road in the Southwest Local Government of Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State, on Tuesday.

According to an eye witness, residents observed a struggle between a man, who most people in the area believed to be a lunatic and a scavenger. The lunatic bit the man, and the man was fighting for his life. The spectators  tried to help him by chasing the lunatic away, but to their surprise they discovered what was believed to be remains of a decomposed body in the abode of the mad man. 

Bones found in the lunatic’s dwelling.

“We have been seeing the lunatic around for sometime now but nobody paid any attention to him. But early this morning, we saw him struggling with a scavenger and we thought they were fighting but when the lunatic bite the man on his face, people around tried to rescue him by chasing the mad man away.

“The lunatic escaped through Obafemi Awolowo stadium bush and when we get to where he usually stays, we discovered what we thought was a human decomposed body and we had to call the police,” an eyewitness who pleaded anonymity narrated.