Khojaly Massacre Anthologies vs. Rhetoric prt 2. Chronicling Khojaly (2)

By | Rachel Brooks

February 19, 2021

Image credit: “File:Dayirman-poster.jpg” by Aloof aloof is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Above, Dayirman was Azerbaijan’s first hip-hop band, who also created songs in memory of the Khojaly. 

Since the Khojaly massacre befell Azerbaijan in February 1992, the events have been remembered by newscasts, organizations, and political commentators. Some of this recollection was factual and some were slanted by politicized narratives that followed the complex combat-era scenario which led to the tragedy. 

Khojaly remembered 

Beyond news and political narrative, Khojaly has been chronicled in documentary films, fictional films, and music. 

Documentary films included “Refugee: a long journey of Anar Yusubov” released in 2011 and Infinite Corridor / Sonu olmayan dəhliz released in 2012. The film was presented in Washington, D.C. in a showing by the Karabakh fund. The documentary recalls the Karabakh conflict through the eyes of Anar Yusubov, an 8-year resident of Khojaly. It was directed by Cem Oguz. He was specially invited from Turkey to the United States to share his thoughts and feelings while working on the film. A story regarding the film appeared in Trend on February 26, 2011, which was the 19th anniversary of the Khojaly massacre. 

Infinite Corridor / Sonu olmayan dəhliz was released in 2012 and was presented to the public in Baku. The event was attended by the Azerbaijani First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva, and the Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Leyla Aliyeva. A story regarding the film appeared on Vestnik Kavkaza. 

The dramas commemorating the Khojaly massacre include The Squall, Haray, Xoca, and Dolu. The Squall was directed by Jeyhun Mirzayev, an Azerbaijani actor and film director. Mirzayev died of a sudden heart attack before the film’s release. 

Musical compositions inspired by the Khojaly massacre 

Musical compositions include Crying Earth by Azerbaijani jazz musician by Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (1993), Ya Karabag, Ya Olum by Ozan Arif (1993), Salam, Dar Agaci by Shamistan Alizamanli (1995), Ya Qarabaq, Ya Olum by the first Azerbaijani hip-hop group known as Dayirman, by Dayirman by Qurd (1996), Justice for Khojaly by Dayirman and featuring Toni Blackman (2010), The Khojaly Requiem, by the Russian composer and pianist Alexander Tchaikovsky (2012), Galin Donek Eve performed by Mina Sovetski, which was from the soundtrack of the film Xoca (2012) and Khojaly 613 by the French composer self-described as “the sorcerer composer” Pierre Thilloy (2013) which was also a symphony.