Khojaly genocide is the result of the political decision of Armenia OPINION

Khojaly genocide is the result of the political decision of Armenia

Samir Adygezalli 

Chairman of the Research Center for Social and Political Processes and International Relations 

We are approaching the 29th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide, which is one of the most serious crimes against humanity in world history. The Khojaly genocide is a pre-planned military aggression committed by Armenian military units and Armenian terrorist groups.

On the night of February 25-26, 1990, Armenia is preparing a special plan for the occupation of the Azerbaijani city of Khojaly. According to this plan, a brutal reprisal is being prepared against the civilian population – Azerbaijanis living in the city.

The killing of hundreds of innocent people was a political decision taken by the Armenian state. Having committed an act of genocide in Khojaly, Armenia wanted to inflict a moral and psychological blow on the Azerbaijani people. Thus, they tried to occupy other territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan. And then they managed to achieve this goal.

Unfortunately, the Khojaly massacre, which is one of the most terrible crimes against humanity, has not yet received the necessary political and legal assessment from the world community. States and organizations, whose human values ​​and universal factors have always been their banner, have not been able to see the horrors of genocide like Khojaly. Until a political decision is made regarding the ruthless killers of man and mankind, events such as the Armenian atrocity will be inevitable in other regions of the world and in future generations.

The Azerbaijani people fell victim to the Armenian terror not only in 1992, but also in 1905-1907, 1918-1920 and 1948-1953. If the world community, historians, scientists and cultural workers study our geography for more than a hundred years, they will witness the facts of Armenian terror, aggression, occupation and genocide against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani Turks. This period of history will be marked only with the smell of blood and the brutality of the Armenian terror.

Today the innocent souls of the victims of Khojaly want justice from the world community. After all, the tears of Azerbaijani children who grew up orphans, deprived of parental affection, who saw the blood and massacre with their own eyes on this snowy and frosty night, await justice from the world community. We Azerbaijanis have been demanding this justice for 29 years.

The perpetrators of the Khojaly genocide must be punished, and the genocide against Azerbaijanis must be recognized by the whole world and Armenia.