Karabakh’s Fallen Heroes: Jafarov Matlab Mahammad oghlu

In memorium Jafarov Matlab Mahammad oghlu

By his wife, Jafarova Vusala Musa gizi

January 19, 2021 

I am Jafarova Vusala Musa gizi, the wife of the fallen hero senior lieutenant Jafarov Matlab Mahammad oghlu. I am a physics teacher at the school-lyceum. N. Narimanov in Sabirabad.

My husband Jafarov Matlab Mahammad oghlu was born in 1977 in the Narimankand village of the Sabirabad region. He graduated from the 9th grade of the same school and was admitted to the chemical and biological direction in the capital of Baku to continue his studies, after which he entered the agricultural institute and graduated with the rank of lieutenant. Even then, according to his comrades, he made friends with his skills and respect. He always treated his soldiers with respect and care.

I knew my husband since childhood, and after getting married I witnessed how nice of a human he was.

Matlab was a very hardworking, patriotic, and devoted person. We have two sons. Matlab has always wanted children to grow up as patriotic, dignified, and educated children, worthy of the people and nation. He repeatedly spoke with children about patriotism and the sanctity of our flag. He always said that war means “death” and “blood.” We do not want war. But we must be prepared to sacrifice our lives and blood to liberate our historic lands and return our displaced people to their homes.

Since Matlab earned an honest living, he worked in very difficult professions to improve the family’s standard of living.

Since 2016 he has been working as a senior consultant at the State Center for Agrarian Development.

When the Patriotic War broke out, Matlab was summoned. On October 16, he, without hesitation, rose to defend the Motherland. Before leaving, he wrote on his Facebook page: “The Motherland is calling us, our duty is to leave.

As he left, he took with him a large flag.

Matlab defended his soldiers as a platoon commander who heroically fought in fierce battles in the directions of Fizuli, Jabrail, and Gubadli, said that the commander should be in front, he should be an example.

On November 2, he received two shrapnel wounds in the leg as a result of a shell hitting his car during an attack in a fierce battle in Gubadli, other comrades were killed on the spot. At the Agjabadi central hospital, the shrapnel was removed and the leg was repaired, but it rotted 10 hours after the shell was poisoned and the leg above the knee was amputated. During the 6-hour operation, he fell into a coma and remained in a coma for 18 days.

He fell on November 20, 2020, the day after his birthday.
Be blessed in your martyrdom, my hero husband!