Karabakh’s Fallen Heroes: Afig Gulamli Farkhad oglu.

In memorium Afig Gulamli Farkhad oglu.

By | Brother of the Fallen, Gulamli Vagif Farkhad oglu.

January 19, 2021 

Afig Gulamli was born on December 24, 1996, in the city of Khirdalan. He was born into the family of a blacksmith and was the youngest child in the family. His love for the Motherland was felt from childhood. He has always played the role of a soldier at school events.

After graduating from Khirdalan school No. 9, Afig went to military service in 2015. Afig, who served in military unit N of the Armed Forces, took part in the April battles while serving in the army. Despite his young age, he displayed great courage in battle.

After returning from military service, he worked as an “operator” for one of the energy drinks companies operating in Baku to support his family. Even though Afig was an operator, his heart remained in the trenches. He often said to his friends: “I wish I was a soldier.” He took a deep breath when he saw the officers in military uniform.

The news of the martyrdom of General Polad Khashimov prompted him to voluntarily join the army. The people’s love for Khashimov gave rise to the desire in Afig to “live in the memory of history as a person.” On September 21, the young hero, secretly enlisted in the army, was summoned to training by the mobilization service.

As soon as he heard the news, he stopped eating and without hesitation joined the workout with great enthusiasm.

The hero, who showed great courage in the battles for Fizuli and Jabrayil, rushed into the fire together with four friends to rescue an ambulance targeted by a sniper bullet.

The comrades who came to express their condolences to the fallen hero’s family after the funeral, speak of Afig’s courage. Despite his young age, they say that he did not regret for a moment that he became a volunteer, and it was as if the officer was supporting his comrades.

One of them, Kamal Huseynov, said that he fought shoulder to shoulder with Afig in battles and that Afig repeatedly tried to protect him because he had a child.

When Kamal was wounded in the battles for Fizuli, Afig tried to crawl to his comrade, ignoring the danger, but Kamal prevented him. Kamal says that Afig told him: “Don’t fight forward, you have a child, I am single, nothing will happen to me.”

Afig, who shared half of his bullets with his comrade without thinking about his life when he ran out of bullets, fought fearlessly in battles. After he was taken to the hospital, Afig, who was worried about his companion and thought he was killed, spoke with great regret about Kamal in a telephone conversation with his friend.

Unfortunately, such a brave and courageous hero Afig Gulamli Farhad oglu became a fallen hero on October 19, 2020.

The body of the fallen hero was handed over to his family on the night of November 24, and a day later it was buried in the Khirdalan martyrs’ alley.

Brother of the Fallen, Gulamli Vagif Farkhad oglu.