Joint French-Malian Military Efforts neutralize 26 Jihadists, today in Africa

French-Malian joint forces neutralize 26 Jihadists
Charles Nwoke, Alatona, Mali
April 29, 2021

Image courtesy of local sources, fair use. 

Malian and French forces in war-torn central Mali eliminated 26 terrorists in an operation, the military authorities said on Tuesday.

Malian military command said in a statement that the operation occurred early Monday in Alatona, close to their boundary with Mauritania.

According to the statement, the operation was targeted at the militants who had staged an ambush on Saturday, which did not provide details on that raid.

French and Malian military forces launched a counter-attack after determining their location.

Soldiers “neutralized 26 terrorists” in the joint operation, according to Mali’s army, and also destroyed two pick-up trucks and captured “a large quantity” of arms.

Mali has been fighting to contain a brutal Islamic insurgency that first emerged in the north in 2012, before spreading to the center of the country and neighboring Burkina Faso and the Niger Republic.

Thousands of military troops and civilians have been slain in the fracas and hundreds of thousands have run away from their homes.

The former Malian colonial masters, France, which intervened in Mali in 2013 to beat back the extremists, has 5,100 soldiers deployed across the semi-arid Sahel region.