“It was Eduard Grigoryan who beat, raped the Mezhlumyan sisters…”

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Continued interview with Aslan Ismailov 

By | Akper Hasanov

Republished January 11, 2021 

Exclusive interview with 1news.Az with a well-known lawyer, author of the book “Sumgayit – the beginning of the collapse of the USSR” Aslan Ismailov (part 3).

How could Eduard Grigoryan threaten other defendants in the Sumgayit case?

The indictment of criminal case No. 18 / 55461-88 clearly states that Eduard Grigoryan in a threatening manner advised others in the Sumgayit case not to indicate where they were and what they saw on February 28, 1988, otherwise he has many acquaintances in colonies throughout the former USSR, with the help of which he threatened to get and kill those who refused to carry out his orders. In addition, on June 22, 1988, during a confrontation conducted by video recording, E.R. Grigoryan shouted at A.I. Isaeva: “Why did I feed you? The jackal will never become human. Better to warm a snake on your chest than you, Persian.”

To this, the accused AI Isaev replied to ER Grigoryan: 

“You yourself told me that the events of February 28 are a gift from God for you. As if luck itself came to you. ” In this testimony, Grigoryan, perhaps for the first time, loses his composure and openly displays the hatred he has towards Azerbaijanis. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about one more case. Grigoryan’s self-confidence grew so strong that he threatened other defendants not only at face-to-face confrontations but also openly at the trial.

An example of what was said can be the sincere feelings that Galib Mammadov experienced during his speech at the trial. While Galib Mammadov was testifying, Grigoryan, without the embarrassment of anyone, with the words: “Do you not think about what will happen after the completion of the trial?” – openly threatened him. Similar threats were often made against other defendants.

What other qualities and characteristics, apart from the fear-based authority among other convicts, did E. Grigoryan possess?

The testimonial about Grigoryan says that from the age of 10 he grew up without a father, his mother was engaged in his upbringing, he did not study well in secondary school. But this does not at all mean his lack of intelligence. If during the court hearings the accused sometimes got lost and had to tell the truth about the cross-questions I asked, it was impossible to confuse Grigoryan with such questions. 

When I asked him questions, he, as if reading my thoughts, after 3-4 questions, knew that he would be asked.

He carefully thought out the answers to even the most unexpected questions, analyzed them, and only then voiced them. During the trial, I never saw him answer the question immediately. If he did not find, from his point of view, a suitable answer to the question posed, then he switched to insults, or, laughing, he spoke by rote, that “not to answer is his right.” He may not have had high education, but one thing is for sure: he was much smarter than all the other accused put together. The impression was that he had received special training.

Is it possible that it was thanks to this special training that E. Grigoryan so skillfully manipulated the participants in the Sumgayit events?

Certainly. But, besides this, the reasons for the seeming insanity of the rioters are clarified in their testimonies, from which it becomes clear that a similar effect arose in the rioters after E. Grigoryan handed them pills. At the trial, video recordings of testimony were demonstrated, confirming what was said. I made some notes about these videos in my notebook. In one of these video recordings, the confrontation between the accused Isaev and Guseinov was recorded. Isaev showed the following: “Edik gave everyone pills, after using which, he felt a surge of strength.”

As you can see, E. Grigoryan handed out pills to the participants in the Sumgayit events precisely intending to cause them a surge of energy, euphoria. All the accused admitted that after taking the pills they felt a surge of strength, became more courageous and resolute. 

Also, I especially want to note that from the materials of the confrontations it becomes obvious that it was he who was the leader: he led all the accused, gave them instructions, it was he who had a list of Armenian families. The videotapes show that the investigative actions are carried out completely freely, the participants in the riots expose each other, try to cover up the traces of atrocities, trying to shield themselves, and often insult each other. In these episodes, Grigoryan threatens everyone, he reminds the victims of the Armenians who expose him that he is also an Armenian.

Didn’t they, the victims of Armenian nationality, know earlier that E. Grigoryan is Armenian?

As you know, sometime after the Sumgayit events, some of the Armenians who suffered as a result of them moved to Yerevan. To familiarize the victims with the case materials, a group led by V. Kalinichenko, a member of the investigation team of the USSR Prosecutor’s Office, took video recordings of all those arrested in Sumgayit to Yerevan.

During the identification in the Armenian prosecutor’s office, the Mezhlumyan sisters, who were victims in the case of the Sumgayit events, were shown one person to each arrested person. In the process of identification, they reacted in different ways: in some cases, they said that “this one was,” in others, “this one was not,” in the third, “it may have been, but perhaps it was not.”

But as soon as Grigoryan’s turn came, the sisters, not hiding their excitement and indignation, immediately identified him, indicating that he was the main figure. Volume 2, pages 83-103, contains the testimony of L. Mezhlumyan: “

I saw Grigoryan well. He was pale. I thought he was Lezgin. On the hand was written, “Rima” or “Rita”. Indeed, E. Grigoryan outwardly does not look like an Armenian at all, which is also evident from the photograph presented in the book “Sumgayit: the beginning of the collapse of the USSR”. He could be mistaken for a Russian or a Lezgin. Therefore, except for those especially close, everyone in his entourage took Grigoryan for a Lezgin. Also, E. Grigoryan spoke purely Azerbaijani, which also suggested that he was not an Armenian.

Do the Armenian falsifiers have the opportunity to refute these facts?

Practice shows that Armenian falsifiers are ready to challenge everything, even the fact that two times two equals four. But the whole point is that there is L. Mezhlumyan’s testimony, from which it follows that it was E. Grigoryan who beat the Mezhlumyan sisters, raped them, smashed them in the room, broke the glass. Here you need to pay attention to one very important point: the Mezhlumyan sisters recognize Grigoryan at the identification carried out in the prosecutor’s office of the Armenian SSR, in the city of Yerevan, with the participation of Armenian investigators and the leadership of the USSR prosecutor’s office.

It should be especially noted that the statement that the group of criminals was headed by Grigoryan was made precisely by the Armenians who suffered in Armenia, and this identification was carried out not by Azerbaijanis, but by members of the investigation group consisting of Russians and Armenians. It is on this identification that Grigoryan says that he is also Armenian, and begs not to be named …

To be continued…

Akper Hasanov