Israel war updates: Hamas violates Islamic laws, Qatar’s support exposed

As rockets hailed on Israel, an Israeli father shelters his newborn child. 

By Rachel Brooks

May 15, 2021 

Following the destruction of the Qatari-government-owned media outlet Al Jazeera’s bureau in the Al Jalaa tower of Gaza, another blow was dealt with Qatar’s stake in the Israel-Gaza conflict. Qatar’s donation campaign for Hamas was exposed by several antisemitism-prevention activists and the Stand With Us organization. 

“Of course, the speech of the militant “Ismail Haniyeh” was steps away from the largest American base in the world. Yesterday, Khaled Meshaal appealed to the people of the Gulf to donate money in support of the people of Gaza, while the people of Gaza pay a heavy price for the survival of these oppressive mercenaries on their thrones and to preserve their pride !!,” wrote the original poster, in a tweet shared by Stand With US. 

The tweet shared a speech by the Islamist Ismail Haniyeh. It was broadcast from the Arabic-language version of Al Jazeera. Haniyeh of Doha thanked the people of Doha for their support of Hamas.

Al-Jazeera Arabic has repeatedly published the narratives of Islamists, supporting ISIS and sharing radical doctrines of Islamist speakers. These reports are radically different from the narratives that appear in the English-language version of the outlet. Likewise, a barrage of hundreds of rockets was launched toward Tel Aviv in response to the bombing of the tower of Jalaa in Gaza. 

“After threatening to fire rockets at Tel Aviv, Hamas has fired a heavy barrage of rockets from Gaza into central & southern Israel. Men, women, children, and the elderly are currently in shelters, protecting themselves from rockets aimed at them

The IDF has announced the Hamas had promised rockets for Tel Aviv before the onslaught,” the Israel Defense Forces wrote via its official Twitter account.

“Hamas announced that it will fire rockets at Tel Aviv at midnight. The threat to target a city—to terrorize a population—is itself a violation of international law. If Hamas carries out its threat, it will be violating international law again by targeting civilians,” wrote the IDF. 

Ironically, the Palestinians have violated international laws with their civilian-targeting rocket attacks. It has also violated the fundamentals of Islam’s human rights laws. 

Abdulrahman Almutairi, a Saudi lawyer and researcher, recently spoke at a Republic Underground panel on human rights laws in Islam. Almutairi is an expert on the laws of Islam. 

The laws of Islam dictate that, in conflict, Muslims are not to target houses of worship, said Almutairi. The fact that the protestors at the Al Aqsa mosque were hailing rocks at Jews present at the mosque is in direct contrast to this law. 

“Muslims must not expose conflict to places of worship, and individuals are there should be protected,” said Almutairi. 

Almutairi explained also that destroying environments are against Islam. 

“Muslim fighters must not use any weapon that would, for example, burn trees,” said Almutairi. He also stated that Muslims must not cause any harm to places of culture. The Al Aqsa mosque is within the vicinity of the Wailing Wall which is sacred to Jewish culture, as well as the hill of Golgotha which is sacred to Christians as the location of the crucifixion of the Christ. See more at Tourist Israel. 

Hamas has directly violated this law by firing a barrage of rockets that burn buildings and scorch infrastructure and the earth indiscriminately. It is Islamic law to prevent damage.