IRGC threats within the United States, with special guest Walton K. Martin

Interview by | Rachel Brooks

With special guest Walton K. Martin, the Iran Information Project 

January 27, 2021 

Image credit: “Iranian roofs” by Omar Chatriwala is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Fair use, see Section 107 of the Copyright Act. Roofs in Iran, covered in loose bricks, highlight the state inside the country, which has been oppressed by the rule of theocratic, chauvinistic regime known in English abbreviation as the IRGC. 

Continuing our review of the dangerous policies created by groups such as NIAC, who have been known to collaborate with the Iranian regime within America, we spoke with Walton K. Martin III, the director of Iran Information Project.

Mr. Martin is a good friend to the Iranian people, of all their different ethnic backgrounds, working closely with marginalized groups such as the Ahwazi and the Kurds. He refers to himself as the “Iran Refugee Advocate.” He also comes from a long line of American patriots, which gives him a special interest in the security of his native country. He made abundantly clear, when he introduced himself to our reporter, that he differentiates strongly between Iran’s theocratic leadership in the IRGC and the Iranian people, who he emphatically stated are “not his enemy.” 

Interviewer’s questions appear in bold, and responses of the guest appear in plain text throughout. 

First, with regards to the recent arrest of Kaveh Lotfolah Afrasiabi, I would like to ask you if we can put an estimated number on how many Afrasiabi-like thinkers, and co-conspirators with the Iranian regime are actually present in the United States. Do these people collude directly with other foreign interventionism units such as the Chinese Communist Party?

This is a difficult question to answer, however, I will provide you with the information I have obtained dating back to 1978, and some of it is from unclassified CounterTerrorism documents obtained through FOIA and other means.

We don’t know exactly when Iran began recruiting Jihadists in the United States, however, we do know Iran, from documented evidence, began actively recruiting Jihadists in the Washington, D.C., and Alexandria, Virginia areas in 1978 and 1979.

For example, David Belfield and Cleven Raphael Holt were recruited at a mosque in D.C. In turn, Belfield also recruited members from local prisons. Both Belfield and Holt became active fighters. Belfield carried out an Iran regime assassination in Bethesda, Maryland, and then fled to Iran. Holt went on to join Iranian sponsored AMAL fighters in Lebanon and then later with Hizbollah. We believe Holt has killed more than 180 people. The recruitment of Jihadists in the U.S. was a success especially among African-American converts to Islam. We have the numbers, but that isn’t public knowledge and it will remain that way for now.

The Muslim Brotherhood can be tied to other recruitments and then there is the Iran lobbyists crowd. In all, I would venture to say there are over 10,000 in the U.S.A. who hold the views of Afrasiabi, Trita Parsi, Hooman Madj, and Khamenei. Some of these people have worked as National Security Advisors and remain present within the U.S. State Department and other positions in the U.S.G. Others have direct access to U.S. Senators and Congressman, namely Trita Parsi and Jamal Abdi of the National Iranian American Council also known as NIAC. Some U.S. Congressmen who have actively participated in fundraising for these groups are Keith Ellison, Blumenauer, and Swalwell, who is also involved with a Chinese spy.

In all, I would venture to say as many as 2,000 of these people are active threats to U.S. security and are what I refer to as ‘White Collar Terrorists’ or the ‘Lobbyist’. Groups like NIAC, PAAIA, NIPOC, IABA (Iranian American Bar Association), CASMII, and are just a handful of such groups that all advocate for policies favorable to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As to your question, “Do they collude with other governments? Absolutely.

The number of these Iranian state actors that are present in the United States likely put a grave strain on Iranians seeking asylum here. How will the more lenient policies, and executive-order fast-tracking delegation of said policy by the Biden administration put Iranians, and those seeking political asylum in the United States, at risk of being accessed on U.S. soil by the regime? This is a problem we have also seen in Europe, where Ahwazi activists have been lured to Iraq from the confines of Europe, and traded back to the regime through actors in Istanbul.

The greater immigration threat from Iran is through visas given out by Obama and politicians as favors, or student visas. The threat from pro-American asylum seekers and refugees is near zero. I have worked directly with Iranian refugees since 2009, and I do not consider them a threat.

However, security checks should remain in place. Iranian refugees are safer in the U.S., Australia, and the UK than they would be Europe. My recommendation to Iranians and U.S. citizens living anywhere is, do not travel to Iran for any reason, or to states such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Lebanon, or where Iran has influence and or Revolutionary Guards are present. Follow U.S. State Department travel guidelines.

What do you believe the American people should convey to their leadership now to arrest and deescalate the growing threat of Iranian Islamism on American soil?

Truth be known the Iranian regime has its own corrupt version of Islam which it uses at its discretion to silence dissent. There isn’t a regime mullah in Iran that gives a damn about Islam or the regime wouldn’t be imprisoning or hanging innocent Iranians.

Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and shut down the Iran lobby in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Iranian regime officials in any capacity should all be designated ‘Persona non grata’.