Iraq is a country out of life, commentary

 Iraq is an out-of-life country…

Is Iraq safe? Is Iraq a country fit for human life?

Commentary by Mohammed Farooq 

February 28, 2021 

Image above: Iraqi parliament speaker sits with the U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. “Speaker Pelosi and Iraqi Parliament Speaker Ayad al-Samarai” by Speaker Nancy Pelosi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For 18 years, political Islam (Shia and Sunni) has governed Iraq.  This system has judged by the sectarian and administrative corruption in all sectors of the State, which has led to chaos at the security, economic and humanitarian levels of the country. Certainly, Shia parties by reason of arms, money, militias, and full Iranian support,  have gained full control.

All these years of lies and promises from Iraqi governments one after the other, with their words “we will and will resolve the crisis and fight corruption” are words of dope given to the Iraqi people in each election or the composition of a new government, based on sectarian confines. 

Indeed, Iraq has only killed, bombed, and caused corruption, and displacement, along with sectarian hatred between the Sunni and Shia sectors, and a power struggle. All the sectarian governments of the Iraqi people always say, “Do you know that we are the only country in the world where education is free and Public health is free?” And the truth?

 Iraq is a country that does not have a universal education classification. Because of the deterioration and neglect of education over the years, so many Iraqis travel to study in other countries. 

Also, health in Iraq is based on divine ability. That is, a mass amount of medical errors and expired medicines prevail over the reality of health in Iraq, all because of corruption in Iraqi State systems.

Iraq is the only country in the world where death is free, the only country in the world where mothers wear black for years because of murder, kidnapping, bombings and assassinations.

Iraq is the only country in the world where there is child labour at the age of nine and the child is working and growing up before childhood. It is the only country where when the youth graduate from universities, they sit at home. Even the ones who want to get a job must pay huge sums as a bribe for a job. 

Iraq is the only country where garbage and dirt have amassed greater than public parks and recreational places. The nation does not have electricity, services, infrastructure, or clean water. It is the only country that, when it has cleaned or dyed street sidewalks, considers this a great and achievement.

It is the only country where a citizen spends his life demanding the most basic rights, and when his people die, his parents start by claiming his rights. Then, his children and grandchildren come as well, demanding the simple rights to live in dignity, and so it’s a chain between generations. His parents start by claiming his right, and then his children and grandchildren come as well, demanding the simple rights to live in dignity, and so it’s a chain between generations.

Iraq is the only country where, when there’s an explosion, we leave the explosion and we leave those who have died, and we think about whether it’s because of Saudi Arabia, Iran, ISIS, or what Iraqi channels have written. We think about whether the bomber is a martyr or a murderer, if politicians agree between them. The politicians are stealing public money. If they disagree, they kill the people with bombings and assassinations. This is a country whose people seek mercy while they are alive. 

Iraqi government methods 

One of the methods of Iraqi sectarian governments and militias are ready-made charges of any citizen who criticizes the situation in Iraq, or any political or religious leader or militia leader (foreign agent, Israeli Zionist, American-backed, former Ba’ath, foreign-backed). There are labels for anyone who criticizes or participates in depressive demonstrations at all levels, of for anyone who claims his simple rights.

Since 2003, they have divided the country into groups. The group of “those with us” and “those against us.” He who expresses his opinion and claims his right, is called a “paid agent” who “wants to ruin the country and the other person’s life.”

The question is, do those politicians, who came to government by chance, feel people or feel their suffering?

The govenerors never feel the plight of the citizens. Did they ever stand and work at the front of any state service in the Sun? Do they feel a power outage of a generator, when children and old people sleep in the flames of Iraq’s burning summer weather?

Does the politician stand in the way for hours because of traffic congestion? Have they experienced the feeling of losing a dear one in an explosion, war, abduction, or murder? Have they tried to hold the weight of mother and father’s heart when their son died? Do they feel the feeling of a child when he becomes an orphan without a mother or father or both? 

The truth is that politicians are busy with their numbers. They have bank account numbers, transaction numbers, premium phone numbers, and card numbers, but they never think about the numbers of widows and orphans or the unemployment numbers. 

The most painful fact is that they live outside the country. That is, outside Iraq. Their money, their children, their families are all outside Iraq, along with their wealth. Iraq is a money factory for them to take and go. Since they took State positions, they have not served the Iraqi people as much as they have served outside foreign countries. Every day they misuse the people with crisis and war, because the most useful thing that benefits them and gives them money is “war”.

Survival chance in foreign countries compared to Iraq 

Everything on earth has a 50 percent chance of survival, and that applies to every human being living on this planet. It can happen, and their heart stops, and they die, and that’s 50 percent chance.  If a human being wants to cross the street, there’s a 50 percent chance that he gets into an accident and he dies, and  there is likewise a 50 percent chance that he doesn’t. 

If a human being working on the roof of a high-rise building, there’s 50 percent chance that he falls and dies, or doesn’t,. For this reason, they say everything in life can happen. On the other side, in the countries of the natural world, there are organs, systems, and governments that operate on the highest possible levels of human survival, even in good health, to provide you with a good future. The chance that human beings will die by someone in these countries is a rather small percentage because it is simply a responsibility that a large number of people have equal high opportunities for those under their responsibility.

But in Iraq, the chances of survival are 10 percent at best. The chances that you’ll die by any cause of chance are the highest, and it’s 100 percent. Because the leadership simply doesn’t take civil responsibility seriously. They do not care about the lives and future of the people. Not as well as they care for using the blood of people for sectarian trade and preparing their bodies for more positions, because they are lazy, stupid, and irresponsible.

So far there have been explosions in Iraq in the name of ISIS, over which we are supposed to have had victory. Who can bear the blood of the children working on the streets? Why is the kid working? The blood of these people is borne by anyone who has traded security, or by becoming responsible for people’s lives, and by anyone who has decided to take responsibility for the people and who is the biggest helpless, coward and accomplice, this is Iraq from one misfortune to another, .

When we consider the fact that, for more than 40 years Iraq has been a country of war, terrorism, murder, bombings and historical hatred to this day, Iraq is a country that has forgotten life!