Iranian civil liberties activist speaks on U.S. social media freedoms

Interview by Rachel Brooks

With special guest Potkin Azarmehr 

February 5, 2021 

*Note, Azarmehr left Iran for England, not America, as a previous version of this article stated.

Image: “Free Iran — No More Lies” by Grant Neufeld is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. Shared here as fair use illustration. See Section 107 of the United States Copyright Act regarding the rights of press to share images. 

As part of our series investigating the IRGC, NIAC, and adverse political motives of the Iranian lobby, we spoke with an Iranian activist who left Iran for the social freedoms in England. Mr. Potkin Azarmehr is an active voice on alternative social media sites such as Gab and Telegram, after his exposure pieces of the Iranian regime’s agenda have been censored by the heavy left-leaning social media sites such as Twitter. Mr. Azarmehr gives the educated opinion of someone who was born within the Iranian regime, and represents the contrast between the Iranian people and the IRGC’s political structure.

First, I would like to ask you more about your background as an Iranian activist. I have been following your updates on Gab and can see that your work is quite heavily censored.

Perhaps you could tell me more about your work, gloves off, what you do and why you are so vocal regarding the Iranian regime and its parties abroad. Tell us also about the Investigative Project on Terrorism. 

I was born in Iran and lived there until my early teens. I have been active against the Islamic Republic’s regime since day one. I abhor any ideological totalitarianism, whether it is religious or other ideologies like Communism, Fascism, etc.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism is one of the few sites which is happy to publish my investigative articles about the penetration of Islamists into Europe and America. 

My main work is in TV, however, I produce a number of news and current affairs programs as well as documentary programs.

Telegram is now my favorite platform:

See Sledgehammer News 

Secondly, I would like to ask you what, in your experience, is the political aftermath of the big tech and big media censorship of people such as yourself who can show the Persian chauvinism apartheid within Iran for what it is, and also show the networks and their supply chains for what they are.

Ask anyone who has left a totalitarian dictatorship for a free country about what’s the best thing about living in a free country and they will tell you that it’s the feeling of not having to look over your shoulder when you say something. Sadly, the BigTech censorship has brought back those feelings of living in a despotic country. Twitter in particular has been very inconsistent in the standards they apply. I wrote about this on my blog:

See “Twitter Bans Me Again.”

 How likely is Iran to attempt to stir up greater chaos in its neighbor regions, to advance agendas such as racketeering, illegal mining, and the finance of front activity that can build regime colonies?

Racketeering, creating chaos, and stirring up sectarian conflicts is the Islamic Republic’s comfort zone. This is what they excel in. They do this not only in the region but in Europe and in Latin America too.

Western governments have been too complacent in fighting the Islamic Republic’s connections within criminal cartels and gangs. The alliance of Islamic terrorism and criminal cartels is a huge threat to the Western world and the Western leaders are not taking it seriously. Azerbaijan is even easier ground for them. Using the Iranian-Azeris, they can easily infiltrate into Azerbaijan. They have been caught doing it before. See the case of Dadashov in 2012

Editorial Note: 

Our guest is referring to the case of Balaqardash Dadashov, a member of an IRGC-backed terror cell that was exposed in Baku in 2021. Azerbaijan’s National Security Ministry uncovered the terror group that was plotting to asassinate public figures, citing Radio Free Europe’s coverage of these events. Dadashov was a coordinator tasked with procuring weapons and explosives. Others in the Dadashov cell included Rasim Aliyev, Dadashov’s brother-in-law, and Ali Huseynov. Dadashov was the architect of the terrorist plot, and escaped the foiled plot at large in Ardabil, Iran at the time of the Radio Free Europe report, which was posted on January 20, 2012. 

Dadashov’s plot, as was also reported by Radio Free Europe, directly targeted the 2012-era Israel ambassador of the region, Michael Lotem. The plot also targeted a Jewish teacher and at a rabbi at the Chabad School. Read the full report here. 

How do you foresee the advancement of China in Iran through the Pakistani economic corridor, and how do you see China’s manipulation of the west and its financial relationship with the IRGC creating funds for Shiisms advance across Persia, the Caucasus, and finally into the MENA?

I have made a program about China’s Debt Diplomacy and how Iran will fit into their One Belt and Road project. The amusing thing is, China has not fully incorporated Iran into its BRI because it has concerns that Iran has the potential of stirring up religious tensions amongst the Uyghurs, who are not only Muslims but also of Turkified Iranian descent. 

They still celebrate many Iranian customs and traditions. Iran desperately needs to go to bed with China. However, the Chinese leaders are not as naive as the Western leaders, and are looking carefully into this. Iran’s destabilizing role in the region is also not conducive to China’s BRI.

Right now, especially after the swearing in of Biden’s administration and Covid, I see China as having the upper hand over the West. They have won, and the only thing that will save the free and tolerant West as we knew it is the resolve and determination of people in Europe and America to fight for the freedoms and lifestyle they had. I see no hope in any leadership from Western politicians.

 In your own words, what must the western world know right now about what is happening with western Khomeinist socialism under the Biden administration, and how must the western world identify and remove these threats from their society?

The Islamic Republic has learned how to exploit the loopholes provided by Western Democracy and Tolerance. They have been cultivating on building and extending their network under the guise of religious freedoms for four decades now. This network is the trojan horse and the enemy within. It has to be stopped and dismantled asap. Once it builds its critical mass which it is very near to doing, it can not be stopped. Again there is no hope of any leadership in the West to dismantle this network, the only hope remains by the people in the West who value their freedoms and their way of life.