Iranian Americans for Liberty call out Biden administration’s Iran policy

Portraits of the brutal regime leaders. Iranians speak out against the western approach of the regime. 

Bryan Leib, Iranian Americans for Liberty, speaks out against American deal talks with the Iranian regime

By Rachel Brooks 

May 24, 2021 

Antisemitism and the human rights abuses of Iranian citizens are hand-in-glove human rights issues. For this reason, the activists opposed to antisemitism stand in solidary with the suffering of the Iranian people still trapped inside the Islamic Republic’s brutal four-decade stretching reign. 

Bryan Leib is a human rights activist and is the current Executive Director of the Iranian Americans for Liberty 501(c) organization registered in the United States. He was the former national director of Americans Against Antisemitism. Mr. Leib spoke at a recent panel of Iranian human rights activists, the No2Islamic Republic group, which met Monday to discuss the antisemitism of the Iranian regime. 

Speaking with regards to the Biden administration’s stance against the Islamic Republic and its state-sponsored insurgencies, Mr. Leib noted an inconsistency in the administration’s approach. He stated that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is speaking “out both sides of his mouth” regarding counterterrorism enforcement. He gave context for this opinion, noting that Blinken had condemned the al-Houthis in Iran, but then took them off the U.S. terrorist organizations list.

Leib believes that there will be a deal with the Iranian regime, but that it will be negative. He noted that it was important that, as the Biden administration commences with its cooperation with the Iranian regime, money will go to terrorist organizations. He stated that these funds will either be diverted to terrorist organizations or capital will be freed up by a lessening of sanctions.


IAL calls on Iranian Americans and people who support human rights to “raise their voice” in support of the people within Iran, who are under the stiff control of the Iranian regime. Iran stands accused of mass torture and execution, as well as advancing a poverty crisis that sees citizens dwelling in pits, and, as activists present at the panel stated, “eating trash.”

Iranian prisons are packed with inmates, with soaring statistics of female executions. Peaceful protestors of the regime have been greeted with live rounds of ammunition, shot and killed in mass numbers for their opposition of the ruling force.

Leib spoke out on the social media entities and politicians that have tolerated the behavior and rhetoric of the Iranian regime. He noted that the Twitter platform had tolerated the Ayatollah Khameini’s recent statements in support of Hamas, and a call to “purge Jews” from Israel, in a thinly-veiled tweet. Leib noted that this was tolerated, even when Twitter has a strong stance against “hate rhetoric” even to the point of banning former U.S. President Donald Trump from the platform for statements that were regarded as influencing the Capitol Hill riots of January 6. 

“How is that allowed to go on in today’s world?” said Leib, addressing the Ayatollah’s remarks.

 Leib, along with his organization, has joined a chorus of voices speaking in opposition to the current support of the Iranian regime and its support of terrorism proxy in the Middle East. He announced that on May 25 at 8 pm Eastern Time, Iranian Americans for Liberty will host a webinar event via Zoom  entitled “Do the American People benefit from American diplomacy with Iran?” Moderated by Adelle Nazarian, the event will feature two expert panelists: Ilan Berman, Senior Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council, and Sean Durns, Senior Research Analyst, Committee for Accuracy in the Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA).