Interview with Tural Aliyev

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Interview by Irina Tsukerman

October 1, 2020

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Special Guest |  Tural Aliyev

 Senior Phd Researcher at the University of Geneva

  Member of Azerbaijan Diaspora Youth (ADY)

Interviewers questions are in bold throughout. Responses are in plain text.

Pictured above, the University of Geneva, where Aliyev is a PhD researcher.

As a member of the Azerbaijani diaspora, please give us a few words about the latest attack by Armenia in Azerbaijan.  

As a member of the Azerbaijani diaspora, I condemn the not implementation of four UN resolutions which demands unconditional and immediate withdrawal of all Armenian military forces from the occupied territories (Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 adjacent regions). This is the only reason for escalation on the frontline between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

What is the effect of the events on the diaspora community? 

We inquiry for our family members and friends who live in Azerbaijan. We follow very actively the updated information on the frontline, and we hope that peace will be established soon in the region within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. 

What can you tell us about the humanitarian needs of the communities affected by the attacks? 

Humanitarian needs are very high in the Azerbaijani communities affected by the attacks. Some families lost their relatives, some houses have destroyed. Physically and psychologically, it is very difficult for the communities affected by the attacks. 

What can be done to help families who lost loved ones and people who have been injured as a result of the attacks? 

We should support very actively these families who lost loved ones. The government, private companies, NGOs, and the international and local community should stand with people who have been injured as a result of attacks.

What actions do you hope to see from the US/international community? 

Sending clear messages to the Government of Armenia and the population of Armenia to stop the violation of UN resolutions and withdraw of all troops from the occupied territories. US/International community should establish a 1-year deadline for the implementation of the UN and other international organizations’ resolutions (otherwise the international community should establish sanctions toward Armenia, including economic sanctions).

There has been a lot of propaganda in particular about the alleged connection of these events to larger regional issues. What message would you give to counter false information and incorrect perception about the latest events?

The only message should be: Azerbaijan wants to deliberate its Internationally recognized territories and is implementing today perforce the United Nations four resolutions. 

Our arguments should only follow the official information from authorities and immediately we should deny the false information which can be a propaganda tool.