Interview with Ramil Dursunov, Ph.D.

Interview by Irina Tsukerman

September 29, 2020

Images courtesy of the guest.

Ramil Dursunov, Ph.D., is a researcher at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Interviewers questions are in bold throughout. Responses are in plain text.

As a member of the Azerbaijani diaspora, please give us a few words about the latest attack by Armenia in Azerbaijan. 

As a member of the Azerbaijani diaspora, I condemn the attacks by Armenia, and I feel very happy that Azerbaijan gives appropriate answers on them to stop the constant violation of human rights caused by the Armenian government which is not able to follow the norms of international law. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for his firm position.

What is the effect of the events on the diaspora community?

I am encouraged by the counteroffensive operation of our army and confident that our land will be liberated, and Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity.

What can you tell us about the humanitarian needs of the communities affected by the attacks? 

The humanitarian rights of the affected communities were severely violated, that showed aggressive intentions of Armenia as a state which does not respect international law and is not able to follow the legal framework of the contemporary world and does not want to follow the cultural way of development of the civilized state.

The international institutions which were called to regulate this conflict in a legal way and assist the negotiation process between parties demonstrated the negligence and inability to respond the calls of Azerbaijan on constant attacks of Armenia, which threatened the lives of civilians, and therefore I support the Azerbaijani government’s actions as a necessary step for preservation of human rights and humanitarian needs of the civilians, which are the basics of the modern international legal system. Moreover, the liberation of the occupied territories will allow one million Azerbaijani refugees to come back to their homes. 

What can be done to help families who lost loved ones and people who have been injured as a result of the attacks?  

I think that there shall be a state program for the support of suffering families and the families who lost their members. The civil society of the Republic and diaspora organizations shall also participate in support of these families.

What actions do you hope to see from the US/international community? 

I hope first of all for condemnation of Armenian aggression in particular and external fascist policy in general which led to ethnical cleansing and investigation of all the war crimes committed by occupants in 30 years. I also hope that the states will approach with an understanding of military operation on the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan.

There has been a lot of propaganda in particular about the alleged connection of these events to larger regional issues. What message would you give to counter false information and incorrect perception about the latest events?

My message will be that the Republic of Azerbaijan strictly following the rules of international law has all the moral and historical rights to protect the lives of the civil population. It is necessary to strengthen even more the work on explanation of the reasons for the present conflict and achieve the fulfillment of all the UN resolutions on this conflict.