International Mine Awareness Day conference on Masam Program

Editorial | Republic Underground 
April 1, 2021 

This Sunday, April 4, on the International Day for Mine Awareness, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center will organize an international conference regarding the dangerous mines present in Yemen. Timberwolf Phoenx LLC’s media vice president Irina Tsukerman will feature as a guest speaker. The event will be held at 7 pm Mecca time/12 pm New York time.

The Saudi Masam project has been an active force in clearing mines from Yemen. Arab News reported in June 2020 that Masam had removed 169,434 mines from Yemen. The Iran-backed Houthis have planted over 1 million mines in Yemen within the last year alone. The Houthis have planted mines, especially in Marib, Sana’a, and Taiz.


Looking forward to what promises to be an exceptionally informative and enlightening program focused on #KSA‘s seminal land mine clearing project in #Yemen (MASAM). Learn about the techniques, the resolved challenges, the successes & the benefits to the Yemeni people!,” wrote Tsukerman, via her Twitter, regarding the events of the anticipated conference. 

A program schedule was released highlighting the intinerary as follows:

  • An introduction to the MASAM program
  • Discussing risks presented by mines
  • Highlighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s role, via MASAM, in clearing mines from Yemen
  • Describing MASAM’s mine removal mechanisms
  • Reviewing the important data mentioned in the MASAM report.