Golda Meir’s birthday follows a day of mourning, and trade developments

Golda Meir’s birthday follows a day of mourning, 

Also, trade developments 

Rachel Brooks

May 2, 2021 

Image credit: “File:Flickr – Government Press Office (GPO) – P.M. Golda Meir introducting the new cabinet to the Knesset.jpg” by is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

In Israel, over the weekend, the country gathered in solidarity to mourn those lost in the Mount Meron stampede. Now in the early hours of May 3, the anniversary of Golda Meir’s birthday in 1898, the country will move forward amid a tense past month of being accused of apartheid status. 

Golda Meir was the only female prime minister to date in Israel. She will soon be portrayed in western film by Shira Haas, see Jewish Exponent. She was known as the “Iron Lady” of Israel’s politics. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Meir was raised in Milwaukee and immigrated to the Middle East when she was 23. She was born Golda Mabovitch and survived anti-Jewish pogroms and violent mob persecution of Jews during the Russian empire. Golda Meir was one of the two women who signed Israel’s Declaration of Independence. She recalled shedding tears when she did so, having been educated in an American classroom and regarding with wonder the events of the American Revolution.

Moving forward

Israel has faced recently dark days with the stampede in Mount Meron and western rhetoric against the nation. Yet, the country is also rising on increasing ties among its regional neighbors. 

On May 2, AzerNews reported that Azerbaijan and Israel would enjoy a furthering of their ties, which have been on a healthy incline since the days following the brutal 44-Day war in Karabakh in 2020. Azerbaijan is now set to open trade and tourism offices in the near future, stated Azerbaijan’s Economy Minister Mikayil Jabbarov, during the second meeting of the Joint Commission between Azerbaijan and Israel. This was among trade discussions between the Azerbaijani economy minister, and Israel’s foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi, who stressed that Israel is devoted to the reconstruction of post-war Karabakh.   

Israel, Azerbaijan, and Turkey are on the path to collaboration over smart cities and AI. Hear more about Azerbaijan’s effort to build smart and sustainable new cities in Karabakh below. 


“During the meeting, economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel was discussed and the successful activities of about 90 Israeli companies in various sectors of Azerbaijan’s economy were noted,” wrote AzerNews.

Trade moves forward, even as world policy to the region in question

This comes on the heels of reports that there will be ramifications for the United States’ return to the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. Israel Hayom‘s commentators noted the difficult position that the nation has been placed in by the U.S. return to the agreement, noting the issues with its national security that a return to the agreement would cause. Israel Hayom reported that, as Israel’s relationship with the west lingers in this difficult political limbo, the relationship the nation will form with the Arab States and other regional partners is expected to increase further yet. For this reason, Israel has been urged by its political commentators, to continue to establish its security position, and relay to the U.S. as well as regional neighbors, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey, that the security status impacts them all. Israel Hayom stressed the importance of nonpartisan commentary from security experts on this need, as partisan-driven messaging will only hinder the process.

The commentators viewed the possibility of a retreating U.S. presence from the region as negative for the developing friendliness between the Arab States and Israel and between Azerbaijan and Israel, because Azerbaijan is also growing closer with its ethnically similar regional partner Turkey. This is seen through the lens that Israel and Turkey are still on strained terms, after the events of the flotilla crisis that led to a freezing of international ties. Yet, as Israel grows closer to Azerbaijan, it appears that friendliness with Turkey could be on the table. Trade cements this possibility. One example is the recent expansion of Israel’s venture capital Disruptive AI, known as the AI-SQUARE forum, with sites on expanding to Turkey. The Israeli VC began its operations in January 2021. 

“The platform is now expanding to the Turkish ecosystem, which according to Disruptive is “constantly looking for AI technology innovations in leading industries such as Banking/Insurance, Telecom, Retail/Commerce, and more,” wrote CTECH by Calcalist.  

CTECH reports that Disruptive AI is the first AI-focused VC in Israel. It turns its sites on developing Turkey’s AI industry, which has only 150 AI startups compared to over 1,500 in Israel.