Global Patriot Radio hosts Republic Underground on Moroccan policy

Editorial | Republic Underground 

December 29, 2020 

Image: “Moroccan Flags” by 1l 31anc0 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Since the recognition of Morocco as the Western Sahara sovereign by the Trump administration, many questions have arisen over whether or not the decision was well-founded. 

Coming this Friday, January 1, 2021, at 12 pm EST, Global Patriot Radio will host a broadcast with special guest and Republic Underground media vice president Irina Tsukerman. The broadcast will discuss the decision, and the U.S.-led recognition of Morocco moving forward. 

Call (319) 527-6706 to speak with the host, Andrew E. Harrod. 

The event will host Republic Underground media vice president Irina Tsukerman, who is a human rights lawyer and gepolitics analyst, as its special guest. 

This podcast will air under Politics Conservative topics on BlogTalkRadio. 

A flyer of the event by Republic Underground. 

The event was self-described as follows: 

Morocco has become the latest Arab state during the administration of President Donald Trump to establish relations with Israel. As part of this agreement, the United States recognized Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, a territory formerly ruled by Spain as a colony until 1975. Morocco has claimed Western Sahara, conquered by Spain in 1884, since Moroccan independence from France in 1956. Yet the Algerian-backed Frente Popular de Liberación de Saguía el Hamra y Río de Oro (POLISARIO Front) led a guerrilla war against Moroccan rule in Western Sahara from 1975 until a 1991 ceasefire administered by the United Nations. POLISARIO has sought an independent Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic for Western Sahara’s Sahrawi Arab population. Morocco, in contrast, has promoted an autonomy arrangement for what Morocco views as its southern province.

Did Trump make the right decision? What would be best for Western Sahara? Human rights lawyer and international security expert Irina Tsukerman, who has extensive experience in the Middle East and North Africa, will join show host Andrew E. Harrod to examine these issues.